Alphabet Puzzle - Uppercase
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Even beginners can master the alphabet with our super-simple puzzles! Each extra-large puzzle has 26 chunky, raised letters that are easy for small hands to grip.
Letter Builders - Lowercase
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Build letters piece by piece to develop letter recognition skills.
Floor Puzzles - Find it! Friends
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A giant floor puzzle and game in one! Assemble the puzzle and then place game pieces on their corresponding object.
Floor Puzzles - Tractor
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A giant shaped floor puzzle featuring a John Deere tractor.
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Have a sticky game of catch! Monster-hand shaped mitts with velcro palm that catches a tennis ball.
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Game
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A game of counting, colors and contrasts. The first player to "eat" all ten food pieces and reach Finish wins the game.
Pin Pals Bowling Set
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Your child will have plenty of friends to bowl with...10 in fact! Set these happy guys up for traditional bowling or stack them in various combinations for a smashing good time.
Magnetic Maze - Shapes
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Learn to recognize 6 different geometric shapes by guiding everyday objects through the magnetic maze to the corresponding shape using the attach magnetic wand.
Pretend Places - Fairy Flower House
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Let's take the fairies out of the house to enjoy the slide and sit down for tea then pop them back into the house to carry them somewhere new to explore.
Fun Abacus
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Children can learn the simplest methods of counting with the colorful beads on this 10 X 10 stylized Abacus. From counting a child can advance to addition and subtraction.
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