Spanish/English Spelling Set
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Learn beginning Spanish with these easy, three-letter word puzzles and a doll that says words and phrases in Spanish and English. NOTE: Squeeze doll's hands to hear her talk! Please do not remove clothes/accessories from doll.
Magnetic Maze - Counting Board
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Move the colored metal balls through the maze, counting from 1 to 10. For an added challenge, use the pattern cards.
Numbers 1-20 Puzzle, Chunky
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Puzzle board features thick easy-to-remove pieces that give kids a real feel for the numerals 1-20. With this puzzle, children can learn the shapes of numbers and practice number sequences.
Counting Cookies on a Plate
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Super-appealing and easy to play makes counting more fun than ever. This game features a kid-pleasing theme of cookies. Players roll the die and count the correct number of cookies and race to fill their plates.
Counting Cookies
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Learning to count and recognize numbers is a sweet treat with these colorful counting cookies. Includes 10 cookies with numbers 1-10 on the bottom and the corresponding number of counting chips on the top.
Literacy games - Dr. Seuss
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Easy to learn and play. Children race through the alphabet, collecting fun Seuss characters as they go. Players spin the spinner and move ahead, then search for a letter card that matches their space.
Floor Puzzles - Vehicles
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Colorful, detailed floor puzzles are made of heavy-duty cardboard. Each puzzle is separate and depicts a different vehicle. Measures 18" in length.
Literacy games - The Cat in the Hat Game
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The Cat in the Hat Game is great for developing early reading skills. Includes game board, spinner, picture cards, and 4 playing pieces. 2-4 players.
Magnetic Blocks
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Play with these magnetic blocks of various shapes and sizes.
Hug & Hold Baby Puppet
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Cuddly baby puppet wrapped in quilted bunting is easy to manipulate.
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