Sunshine Hide and Seek
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Play hide and seek with Sunshine, an adorable plush toy, while teaching your child positional words such as: In, On top, Below and more.
Duplo Create-a-Car
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My First Duplos utilizes the Combine and Create concept where structures of all shapes and sizes are possible by combining just a few colorful bricks.
Duplo Creative Animals
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Use Duplo blocks to create different animals.
Spinning Wheels Gear Toy
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Add the six primary color gears to the vehicles drawn on the board and turn to simulate the wheels turning. This toy promotes color recognition, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
Duplo Creative Ice Cream
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Use Duplo blocks to create tasty ice cream treats.
Duplo Creative Picnic Set
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Use Duplo blocks to create tasty picnic treats.
Create A Garden
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Build a garden from the base up with wooden stems, flowers and even a butterfly that alights on top.
Water Play Set
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A must-have for the future industrialist. Add water and sand then load 'em up and ship 'em out. Comes with loading crane, trucks, and boats.
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