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Inspired by stones in a river, children step on the different "stones"  to move about without touching the floor. This fun activity is a stepping stone to better coordinations and balance. Please use indoors only and remove shoes before playing.
Food and Dishes - Bar-B-Q Party
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Sized just right for preschoolers, this realistic grill comes with everything needed for a pretend party!
Fraction Math Kit
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Count fruit in a fruit bowl and learn fractions with puzzles.
Floor Puzzles - Ocean Life
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Heavy-duty cardboard floor puzzle with brightly colored images. 2-foot by 3-foot puzzle of a typical underwater scene.
Ball Run Block Set
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Get the ball rolling with these large wooden blocks that make it easy for children to make ramps and roadways. The bright colors and easy to build sizes invite endless open-ended play and help teach problem solving and cause-and-effect.
A-maze-ing Balance Board
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Ages 3 and up will enjoy the challenge of keeping the ball moving on the track while balancing on the board. Play can vary from simple to complex based on child’s ability.
Floor Puzzles - Dinosaurs
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This 24" x 36" interlocking puzzle is printed in bright colors on heavy-duty board that can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. For individual or group use.
ABC Animal Puzzle
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These solid wood animals not only stand out of the frame for easy grasping but they'll stand up alone to create an alphabetical convoy of creatures.   Each chunky, 3/4" thick animal is labeled on the back with its name and the alphabetical letter it represents.  When tired, th...
Floor Puzzles - Number Train
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Count train cars on a nine foot long jumbo jigsaw puzzle! Displays numbers 1-20 in a colorful and entertaining way.
Magnetic Maze - Color and Shapes
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Use the attached wand to match shape pieces to corresponding shapes on the board. Double sided cards add matching and addition challenges.
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