Tumble Car Track
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Children learn cause and effect as they send the cars rolling down the track tumbling from one level to another.
Toddler Rhythm Band
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An assortment of fun instruments for young hands. 
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This unique balance beam set can be arranged in endless combinations to allow children to safely experience balance and gain confidence as they explore a path through nature.
Balancing Elephants
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Children explore balance and leverage as they position and reposition the elephants. For extended play, elephants can be combined to form a circle for rolling and stacking fun. These simple, early investigations support the development of basic math and science concepts. 
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Improve hand-eye coordination, patience and cooperative skills while fishing for sea creatures that rock back and forth to simulate their swimming in the sea. A double pole adds the challenge of one person fishing with two hands or two people working cooperatively. 
Twiggle Toss
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A combination of the classic ring toss and bean bag toss games with the added challenge of a rocking target! 
Whally Board
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Little ones will have a whale of a good time rocking from left to right or back and forth. A balance activity that enhances coordination and tactile stimulation.
Up On Top Relay Game
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Two fun balance games in one set: “Up on Top” improves posture when one soft Octopus is balanced on your head while walking; add another and another, now pass them off to a friend to try. “Pancake Pile-Up” is a relay game where each person uses a flapjack flipper to pile up pa...
Garden Gear Stacker
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Use your creativity to stack these garden-themed stackers any number of ways then talk about the science of gears, where creatures live and so much more.
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