Pretend Places - Little Wheelies Construction Site
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Build your own construction site then do it again and again making it different each time. Several ramps, mountains and much more to provide hours of constructive play.
Pretend Places - Birthday Party
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It’s a birthday party and you’re invited!  Press the cake to light the candles and hear the “Happy Birthday” tune or open the gift to see what’s inside.  What a great way to celebrate a special day!
Little Builders - Flower Shop
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Easy stack blocks enable your Little Builders to create their own Flower Shop.
Pretend Places - Corner Market
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Visit the Corner Market and find many of the same tasty treats that you would find at a real market.  Take your cart to the check-out and choose all over again for practice in decision making and role playing.
Pretend Places - Barnyard
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Fun on the farm complete with a garden and farm stand; truck and chicken coop and even a pond and a pig pen!  Introduce vocabulary words to your child and what it’s like to live and work on a farm through pretend play.
Pretend Places - Pet Center
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Little Kitty and Puppy need a check-up and grooming so it’s off to the Pet Center.  Set also includes a grooming brush, three pet beds and a pretend parrot waving from side-to-side on his perch.
Chunky Stacking Puzzle - Careers
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Explore different kinds of jobs, from astronaut to cowboy with this extra-thick wooden puzzle that is also a stacking toy! Helps teach sorting, matching and counting skills.
Chunky Stacking Puzzle - Cakes
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Count the cakes as you stack the easy-grasp pieces of this extra-thick wooden puzzles. Helps teach sorting, matching and counting skills.
Sequencing Bead Stacker
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Place the wooden beads on the stacking pegs by using the pattern cards or create your own pattern.
Peek-thru Puzzles
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Place the square pieces over the appropriate pattern to show thru the animals cut out of their fur, feathers or skin.
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