Food and Dishes - Fondue
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Perfect for little entertainers seeking imaginative fun and for encouraging healthy eating habits…. with a sweet twist!
Bead Maze Activity Cube
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No matter how you turn it, something’s going on! Spinners, beads, mirrors and more for cause-and-effect action.
Bean Bag Hopscotch
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 Play hopscotch indoors on a brightly colored carpet with large numerals and 2 beanbags to use as markers.  Have fun actively working on coordination and counting skills.
Easy Puzzles - Colors and Shapes
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This fun and colorful tray puzzle will encourage children to develop color and shape recognition. Lined text under each piece teaches handwriting skills.
Etch A Sketch
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The classically simple toy powered by skill and imagination.
Logic Puzzle - Skyscrapers
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Re-create shapes and designs, block by block, by arranging and stacking the pieces to match the pictures in the challenge booklet. Block color, shape, and silhouette provide clues as puzzles progress in difficulty. It's a fun way to develop problem solving.
Mini Golf Course Set
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 Set up your own Miniature Golf Course one hole at a time.  Use the 3 different types of challenging tracks and 1 hole then change up the arrangement again and again.  Develop fundamental golf skills and hand-eye coordination.
Floor Puzzles - On the Farm
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 Put together this farm themed floor puzzle then extend the play with the enclosed farm animals. Can be combined with  Floor Puzzles - On the Town and Floor Puzzles - on the Road for even more imaginative play.
Floor Puzzles - On the Road
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Put together this road themed floor puzzle then extend the play with the  vehicles. Can be combined with Floor Puzzles - On the farm and Floor Puzzles - On the town for even more imaginative play.
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