Rhythm Party
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A variety of rhythm instruments to allow for creative music exploration.
Feed the Animals
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Memory game or matching puzzle for guessing each animal's favorite food. Helps develop observation and concentration skills as well as increasing vocabulary and basic knowledge about animals.
Fill and Spill Barn
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Little ones love to fill a container, spill it out and do it again and again! Develops fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination while encouraging parent and child interaction. This set includes wooden farm animals to fill and spill out of the barn.
Floor Puzzles - Llama Llama Red Pajama
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A wonderful first puzzle with oversized pieces but this one has a twist because it is two-sided with a picture of Llama Llama on one side and with Mom on the other! Even better, set also includes a plush character doll and book so you can share this dear story together.
Make a Match - What We Eat
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What are French Fries made from? How about Pop Corn? Have fun teaching your child about the origin of everyday foods while playing this self-correcting matching game.
Pretend Play Vacuum Cleaner
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Wooden vacuum cleaner that picks up "whimsical" trash for realistic play while being a push toy for active fun.
Food and Dishes - Fondue
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Perfect for little entertainers seeking imaginative fun and for encouraging healthy eating habits…. with a sweet twist!
Bead Maze Activity Cube
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No matter how you turn it, something’s going on! Spinners, beads, mirrors and more for cause-and-effect action.
Bean Bag Hopscotch
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 Play hopscotch indoors on a brightly colored carpet with large numerals and 2 beanbags to use as markers.  Have fun actively working on coordination and counting skills.
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