Summer Camps

Register online or in person for 2017 summer camps starting Wednesday, May 10th  at 9 AM.  When registering (REQUIRED FOR ALL CAMPS – links to register are included below) please be sure to check each camp for specific registration details as requirements may vary.
Campers must be available to attend every day of the individual camp programs.

Register early as camps fill up quickly! Each branch will keep and use Waiting Lists for most camps.

>> Registration for all Summer Camps starts Wednesday, May 10 at 9:00 AM. <<

High Five Fitness Camp
Ages 5-8

Explore the five pillars of good fitness in this high-energy dance class that demonstrates the joy that comes from being healthy and fit! Students learn basic elements of dance, choreography and music and master them while learning how dance can be both a vehicle for artistic expression and wellness.  Monday-Thursday

Puppetry Camp
Ages 5-8
Create characters and make them come alive in Puppetry Camp!  Students will create a variety of puppets, develop a story line, and act out a short puppet show.  Performance for adults and caregivers will be held on Friday at 3:00.   Monday-Friday

Wigglewords Camp
Ages 5-8
Children will pair basic dance movements with each letter of the alphabet to enhance literacy skills, including spelling, phonic rules, identification of vowels and consonants, and rhyming/ storytelling. This simple and fun method supports early readers, especially kinetic learners.  Monday-Friday Book Buddies Literacy Camp
Ages 6-8
Share a great read-aloud experience at our summer literacy camp.  Little Book Buddies (students who will be going into grades 1-3), are invited to read to Big Book Buddies (students who will be going into grades 4-8). Each child will be paired with an older Book Buddy with whom they will share time in fun reading games and other activities.  Monday-Thursday (Big Buddies registration below)

Savvy Scientists Camp
Ages 7-9

Be ready to get involved by observing, predicting, and experimenting like you never have before! Dress for mess.  Monday-Friday

Robotix Summer Camps
Ages 7-13
[age requirements vary; check each before registering]
Several variations are available (Teen Robotix for older kids listed below); in each camp you will either build and program a robot to navigate various worlds, or build LEGO® WeDo robots. Monday-Thursday

Magic Camp
Ages 8-13

Learn the history of magic, how to entertain an audience and how to put an act together of magic and fun using everyday objects you can find at home.   Monday-Thursday

Creative Songwriting Camp
Ages 8-13

If you like to create, dream, sing or write, a Roots of American Music or Creative Concepts in Music teaching artist who has written over 100 children's songs will help you tap into your creative side and express yourself in song. Monday-Thursday

Boys II Men Camp
Ages 9-11

Focus on life skills, social skills, identifying risky behavior and coping skills, career exploration, financial literacy, health and wellness, entrepreneurship and team-building activities and hands-on projects. Guest speakers are invited to attend the program, such as karate/fitness instructors, technical and trade professionals, and professional athletes!   Monday-Friday

Girl Power Camp
Ages 9-11

This program is unique because it provides girls with the opportunity to connect with an adult mentor, develop financial skills, connect with other peers, explore colleges, increase self-esteem, and learn about risky behaviors. [see below for Girl Power Camp for older girls]  Monday-Friday

Art with Attitude!
Ages 9-13

Participants will learn to creatively problem solve, showcase their talents, connect with peers, build self-esteem, and communication skills using art materials including clay, collage, music, printmaking, and paint. The last day friends and family will be invited from 3:30-4 for an art reception Monday-Friday

Book Buddies Literacy Camp
Ages 9-13
Big Book Buddies (students who will be going into grades 4-8) are invited to be reading coaches to Little Book Buddies (students who will be going into grades 1-3). Each child will be paired with a younger Book Buddy with whom they will share time in fun reading games and other activities.  Monday-Thursday   Big Book Buddies are also required to attend a brief orientation, linked below.    (Little Buddies registration above)

Comics Camp
Ages 9-13

Learn how to create your own comic! Workshops on dialogue, how to draw characters, storyboarding and more.  If you love comics, this club is for you!   Monday-Friday

Creative Painting Camp
Ages 9-14

Learn about the master artists who pioneered Realism, Impressionism, Expressionism and Abstract methods of painting. Create an original painting with professional artist and author JoAnn DePolo. Each day of the camp focuses on a different painting style. Monday-Thursday

Hip-Hop Coding Camp
Ages 9-14 
[age requirements vary; check each before registering]
Learn to code through hip-hop and dance! You’ll pair basic hip-hop moves with MIT’s Scratch program to make your very own game or project. Since Scratch is free and online, you’ll be able to use your new skills to create coding programs long past the camp!  Monday-Thursday

Camp Sew Amazing: Kidstyle
Ages 9-17

Machine-sew your own outfit from start to finish, and then show your style on the last day of this five-day summer camp.   For guys and girls.  Instruction and all materials will be provided.    Monday-Friday

Wonders of Weather Camp
Ages 10-12

Join CBS-TV meteorologist, Jon Loufman, for a fun, hands-on, “Atmosphere Adventure” through the wild, wonders of weather. You’ll learn how we predict storms, how tornadoes and hurricanes form and lots of other cool, weather-science stuff.  Monday-Thursday

Entrepreneurship for Kids
Ages 10-14

Let your entrepreneurial spirit soar as you and other kids learn how to develop and launch your own new product, and create targeted marketing and design sales materials. You'll refine your presentation, then celebrate your successful launch for our "Shark Tank" competition on the last day of camp.  There's no ceiling on this entrepreneurial journey!   Monday-Thursday

Storytelling & Game Design Camp
Ages 11-14

Learn the creative game-making process from theory to project completion to create your own web-based game. Using Scratch, design and create your own game that you can take and share with your friends. This camp is perfect if you are interested in writing or game design and coding.  Monday-Thursday

Op Art Camp: Experimenting with Perception
Ages 11-18

Join professional artists from Progressive Arts Alliance for this dynamic camp that explores Op Art or the art of optical illusions.  This camp will allow participants to experiment with different art materials and creative processes while using their imagination to design and build optical illusions that blend art, science, and math in exciting new work. Monday-Friday

Changing Space: Installation Art Camp
Ages 11-18

During this program, campers will discover the process artists engage in to change a space through installation art. Working alongside professional artists from Progressive Arts Alliance, campers will plan, build, and refine a site-specific installation in the library. Students will experience the process of designing and making three-dimensional art using such materials as found objects, traditional art materials, and more. Campers will also experience how to use Maker tools to create art.    Monday-Friday

Build a Bot
Ages 11-18

Build a robot from scratch that you get to keep using a microprocessor, breadboard, motors, transformers and resistors. We'll help you learn how to construct and program, and you can keep adapting it long after the class. You’ll also get a USB wristband to store all of your programs!   Monday-Thursday

Girl Power Camp
Ages 12-14

This program is unique because it provides girls with the opportunity to connect with an adult mentor, develop financial skills, connect with other peers, explore colleges, increase self-esteem, and learn about risky behaviors. [see above for Girl Power Camp for younger girls]  Monday-Friday

Teen Writer Boot Camp
Ages 13-18

Review the fundamentals of creative writing and create new work in poetry, fiction and drama. Please bring along an example of your best writing.    Monday-Friday

Teen Entrepreneur[ship] Camp
Ages 14-18
BeyoncĂ©, Justin Bieber and Tyler Perry are just a few artists in the music and movie industry. Behind their talent is their business. Learn how to create your own business in the entertainment industry at the library. Students will present their business plans on Thursday at 4:00 to family and friends.    Monday-Thursday

ACT and SAT Test Prep Boot Camp
Ages 14-19

College Now of Greater Cleveland will be administering ACT and SAT boot camps in your neighborhood. Each bootcamp is a 16- hour course where students will learn about and practice for each section of these high stakes college admissions tests.  Every student will receive a REAL ACT prep book at the conclusion of the Boot Camp at no charge.   Monday-Thursday