Technology Workshops Schedules and Registration

Our Technology Training courses cover everything from beginning digital literacy skills (computers, Internet, email) to specific software programs and advanced topics (Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, cloud computing).
Classes are intended for adults 18 and over. Registration is required and begins 30 days prior to the class date. Suggested prerequisites for each class are listed below.

Computer Basics   |   Word    |   Excel   |   PowerPoint    |    Adobe Creative Cloud   |    Other   


Computer Basics

These classes are designed for those just learning to use a computer.

Computers 101

This class, geared toward the computer novice, offers an overview of basic computer parts, using the mouse and keyboard and an introduction to the Microsoft Windows operating system. ► Schedule and online registration

Internet 101

Struggling to wade through the sea of information online? Learn how to use search engines to find what you’re looking for.             ► Schedule and online registration
   • Prerequisite: Computers 101 or experience using a mouse

Internet 102

Learn how to explore the rich content available on the Internet. This class emphasizes downloading content and other electronic resources.     ► Schedule and online registration
   • Prerequisite: Internet 101

Email 101

This class is geared toward those who are new to communicating electronically. Learn how to create, send, organize and attach files to messages.   ► Schedule and online registration
    • Prerequisite:  Internet 101       Preferred: an existing email account

Windows 10 (Interactive)

Learn how to use the newest operating system for PCs, tables and phones in this interactive, hands-on class. Explore new features, including the redesigned start menu, Microsoft Edge and OneDrive.    ► Schedule and online registration

Microsoft Word

Word 101 - Basics

Learn how to enter and format text, change line spacing, and copy and paste text. Saving and printing tips included.
Schedule and online registration
   • Prerequisite: Experience using a mouse

Word 201 - Tables & Images

Learn how to create tables in documents using tables and tab stops, and get an overview of using images in Word.
Schedule and online registration
   • Prerequisite: Word 101 or some experience using Word

Word 202 - Mail Merge

Learn how to use lists of information (ex. names and addresses) to quickly create letters, mailing labels, and other documents in Microsoft Word.  ► Schedule and online registration      (Check December)
   • Prerequisite: Word 101 and Excel 101

Word 301 - Formatting Documents

Learn how to format long and complex documents using section breaks, styles, headers and footers. Tracking and comments capabilities will also be explored.  ► Schedule and online registration 
   • Prerequisite: Word 201

Word 401

Review information covered in upper-level Word classes through hands-on exercises. Topics include adding tables and images, advanced formatting features, and tracking changes.     ► Schedule and online registration 
   • Prerequisite: Word 301


Microsoft Excel

Excel 101- Data Basics

Get an introduction to spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel, including entering data, using autofill, and performing calculations using formulas and functions.  ► Schedule and online registration
   • Prerequisite: Word 101 or experience using Excel

Excel 102 - Sorting & Filtering

Learn how to manage and manipulate large amounts of data in Microsoft Excel, including sorting, filtering and data validation.
Schedule and online registration
   • Prerequisite: Excel 101

Excel 201 - Data Analysis

Learn how to use data analysis and data visualization tools in Excel. Topics include using charts, pivot tables and conditional formatting to analyze spreadsheet data.  ► Schedule and online registration
   • Prerequisite: Excel 101

Excel 202 - Functions

For those already familiar with Excel, this class will introduce a variety of functions, including text functions, logical functions, and summary and conditional summary functions.  ► Schedule and online registration 
   • Prerequisite: Excel 101

Excel 301 - Advanced Functions

Learn how to use lookup functions, work with multiple workbooks and use the paste special options available in Excel.
Schedule and online registration
   • Prerequisite: Excel 202

Excel 401

Review information covered in advanced Excel classes through hands-on exercises.Topics include lookup functions, Pivot Tables, functions, and absolute, and relative references.  ► Schedule and online registration 
   • Prerequisite: Excel 301


Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint 101 - Slideshow Creation

Geared toward the beginner, this class offers an overview of Microsoft PowerPoint, a software program for designing creative presentations and slideshows. Create a simple presentation and learn how to add text, images, and transitions to slides.
Schedule and online registration
         • Prerequisite: Word 101 or some experience using Word

PowerPoint 201 - Objects

For those already familiar with PowerPoint, build on what you know to take your presentation to the next level. Topics include using slide master and adding animations, hyperlinks, videos, and sound.   ► Schedule and online registration 
   • Prerequisite: PowerPoint 101

PowerPoint 301 - Accelerated Class

Review information covered in PowerPoint 201 classes through hands-on exercises.  Schedule and online registration
   • Prerequisite: PowerPoint 201


Adobe Creative Cloud

Illustrator 101

Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator by creating a logo using various tools and functions in Illustrator.
Schedule and online registration

Lightroom 101

Learn how to use Adobe Lightroom to organize, manage and edit your photos. Explore useful tools for developing, retouching and correcting images.    ► Schedule and online registration

Photoshop 101

Learn how to edit and manipulate images using basic tools available in Adobe Photoshop. Topics include how to crop and rotate images, use color correction tools, work with layers and more.   ► Schedule and online registration


Other Miscellaneous Tech Classes

Access 101 – Accelerated Class

Learn the database application Microsoft Access. Learn how to manage large amounts of information and link data to create a seamless array of information. Features covered include tables and queries.  Schedule and online registration
   •Prerequisite: Excel 101


Google Drive 101 – Accelerated Class

Explore Google’s popular web-based office applications – Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. This class will also discuss using Google Drive to store and organize files in the cloud. A Gmail account is preferred.
Schedule and online registration
   •Prerequisite: Word 101


OneDrive and Google Drive 101

Learn how to use free web-based software to store, manage and process data. Explore the differences between two free web-based applications.    ► Schedule and online registration
   •Prerequisite: Working knowledge of Word, Excel and PowerPoint


Outlook 101

Learn how to use Microsoft Outlook 2016 for personal or professional use. This class covers sending, receiving and organizing emails, maintaining a calendar, and adding contacts.    ► Schedule and online registration
   •Prerequisite: Word 101

Publisher 101

Learn how to use Publisher to create your own brochures, newsletters, menus, and postcards and prepare them for print, email, or the web.    ► Schedule and online registration
   •Prerequisite: Word 101