Library2You is a free mail delivery service for homebound individuals. You order library materials. We deliver them to your home. We like to keep it easy.

Library2You is for individuals who are unable to visit the library due to a permanent or temporary impairment or disability. Online Application

Questions? Contact our Adult Services Department at 216.749.9307.

Who is eligible for the Library2You service?
Anyone who meets one of the following criteria is eligible for Library2You service:
  • Frail older adult (60 and older)
  • Physically, visually and/or mentally impaired
  • Temporarily homebound

How do I apply for the Library2You service?
  • Contact the Adult Services Department at 216.749.9307 to request an application.
  • Complete/submit an application online

  • If you do not have a library card, you may also apply for one at your local branch or online. You will be contacted within one week to confirm your eligibility for the Library2You service.

When will my Library2You service start? How do I borrow books and other materials?

Once you receive confirmation of your eligibility, the Library2You service may begin. You may contact your local branch for assistance with reserving materials or you may use the online catalog. It’s an easy, quick and convenient way to reserve materials.

How many library items may I borrow?

The maximum total number of items you may have checked out is 50.
For more information, please see Cuyahoga County Public Library’s borrowing guidelines.

How will I receive/return my books and other materials?
  • Receive. Once you are registered for Library2You service, materials are sent to you in a reusable mail pouch through the United States Postal Service.
  • Return. Reverse the address card in the reusable mail pouch so that the Library’s address and the return postage are showing. Deposit the mail pouch visibly in your mail box or near it for pick up by the United States Postal Service letter carrier. The Library will include an information sheet with each shipment detailing return procedures.

What restrictions apply to this service?
Toys, LEAP Kits, items from other Library systems (OhioLINK and SearchOhio) cannot be delivered through Library2You. These items must be picked up and returned to a Cuyahoga County Public Library branch location.  Otherwise, participants in Library2You are subject to the same loan policies and fine rates as other Cuyahoga County Public Library users.
Questions/More Information
If you have any questions or comments about the service, please contact the Adult Services Department at 216.749.9307 or