Library2You Application

Library2You Application

Library2You is a free mail delivery service for homebound individuals. You order library materials. We deliver them to your home. 

Library2You is for Cuyahoga County residents unable to visit the library due to a permanent or temporary impairment or disability.
















Library2You is for Cuyahoga County residents who are unable to visit the library for one of these conditions:
  • Frail older adult (60 or older)
  • Physically, Visually, Mentally impaired
  • Temporarily homebound
If one of these conditions apply, you are eligible for Library2You services.  


  = one + four (please enter the answer to the question or statement)


Apply via mail

If you would prefer to apply by mail, please return this form to:
Cuyahoga County Public Library
Adult Services Department
2111 Snow RoadParma, OH  44134
(Fax) 216.485.9851
Questions? Call 216.749.9307
Library2You is an outreach service of Cuyahoga County Public Library
and generously supported by The McGregor Foundation.