SHLB Coalition Welcomes CCPL as Member

SHLB Coalition Welcomes CCPL as Member

Release date: 1/25/2017

Schools, Health, and Libraries Broadband Coalition Welcomes Cuyahoga County Public Library as Member

Cuyahoga County Public Library (CCPL) became a member of the Schools, Health, and Libraries Broadband (SHLB) Coalition, a diverse partnership of 77 anchor institutions, commercial companies, nonprofit broadband providers, foundations, public interest groups, and others. Together, these organizations promote open, affordable, high capacity broadband for anchor institutions and their communities.
In addition, Sari Feldman, CCPL’s Executive Director, will be joining the SHLB Board of Directors. “Joining SHLB’s Board of Directors is an amazing opportunity to focus on connecting America’s public libraries to highspeed broadband,” said Feldman. “Connecting our libraries has the power to lift entire communities, and I am excited to help advance that mission.”
The SHLB Coalition was created in 2009 to address the shortage of adequate broadband for schools, libraries, health clinics, and other community anchor institutions. The coalition, which includes the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN), the American Library Association (ALA), California Telehealth Network, Google, and Cisco, works with the Federal Communications Commission, the U.S. Department of Commerce, and other federal, state, and local government agencies to close the digital divide and create future ready communities.
"We are very pleased that Cuyahoga County Public Library has joined the SHLB Coalition,” said SHLB Coalition Executive Director John Windhausen. “CCPL’s dedication to its community as well as its commitment to innovation will make it a tremendous addition to our community.”
The Internet has become a cornerstone of American life, learning, and economic growth. It is the key infrastructure that anchors need to provide 21st century education, information, and health services to the public. To learn more about the SHLB Coalition and membership, visit

About Cuyahoga County Public Library
At Cuyahoga County Public Library we are committed to our mission of being at the center of community life by creating an environment where reading, lifelong learning and civic engagement thrive and our vision to be the most convenient library system in the country.

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