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Borrowing Policies

For questions about items you have checked out, fines, renewals or your library account, please contact your local branch. Loan periods, loan limits, fines and fees are subject to change.
 Books, CDs, DVDs & Magazines 21 days 100  N/A
 Toys 21 days 100 toys N/A
 Video Games 21 days 5 games N/A
 eBooks & eAudiobooks
  •  Hoopla Digital Comics
21 days 30/month* N/A
  • OverDrive eBooks & eAudiobooks
21 days 50** N/A
  • Flipster
Biweekly Magazines – 7 days
Weekly Magazines – 2 days
Streaming – N/A
Unlimited N/A
  • Hoopla Streaming Music
7 days 30/month* N/A
Movies & TV Shows
  • Hoopla Streaming Video
3 days 30/month* N/A
  • OverDrive Streaming Video
7 days 50** N/A
  • Kanopy Streaming Video
3 days 50/month N/A
  • Kanopy Kids Streaming Video
Monthly Unlimited N/A
 Adult Book Discussion Sets 42 days N/A  $1.00 per item, per day
 Project Read 42 days N/A $1.00 per set
 Puppets & Puppet Shows 7 days N/A $1.00 per puppet, show
 Story Sets & Theme Kits 7 days N/A $1.00 per kit/set
 Teen Read 42 days N/A $1.00 per set
see slip
on item
25 50¢
see slip
on item
50 50¢
*30 is the maximum combined number of items you can borrow from Hoopla per month.
**Expiration varies by publisher.
75 is the maximum number of items you can have on hold at any one time. Loan limits for Institution Cards and Educator cards may vary.
Cardholders with fines/fees between $10 and $99.99 will be automatically converted to Opportunity Card status. Once the fines/fees balance is below $10, full cardholder status will be restored.

Prime Picks

Library items labeled “Prime Picks” cannot be renewed or requested online. They are only available for borrowing from one of our branches on a first-come, first-served basis.


• Most Library materials may be renewed up to 20 times. Items on hold by another customer cannot be renewed. 
• Items borrowed from other libraries through SearchOhio and OhioLINK cannot be renewed before their due dates.


Sign up to receive email or text message Courtesy Notices as a reminder to renew or return your Library materials before their due dates.

Overdue Items

• Library cardholders will receive an email or text message reminder when an item is seven (7) days overdue.
• Once an item is 30 days overdue, cardholders will receive an email or text message notice that cites a replacement fee billed to their account plus a $5.00 overdue/administrative fee. There is a $10.00 per item cap on fines. The $5.00 overdue/administrative fee is waived if an item is returned.
• Cardholders may be reimbursed for replacement fees made on lost item(s) if the item(s) are returned within one year from the date of payment and a receipt is provided with proof of payment. The Library will retain the $5.00 overdue/administrative fee.

Damaged Items

Library cardholders are responsible for returning Library material in the same condition in which it was checked out. Fees will be assessed for material that is returned damaged beyond normal wear.   

Fines & Fees

Library cardholders who have items more than 90 days overdue and a balance of $100.00 or more in fines/fees may be referred to a collection agency. A $10.00 collection agency service fee will be added to the fine record. Borrowing privileges are removed once an account has been turned over to a collection agency.

Library cardholders may pay their fines at a local branch or online. To pay online, login to your account and select "unpaid fines and bills."

*PLEASE NOTE: There are NO EXEMPTIONS for fines/fees on items borrowed from other libraries.

Borrowing from Other Libraries

Cuyahoga County Public Library shares resources with other libraries, which allows our customers to access millions of additional items from the collections of public libraries and college and university libraries across Ohio. 


SearchOhio is a library consortium that allows our customers to borrow from a collection of millions of additional books, CDs, videos, DVDs from other public libraries across the state. You can use SearchOhio to request items and have them delivered to the Cuyahoga County Public Library branch of your choice. When you request items through SearchOhio they are typically ready for pick-up within about 3-5 business days.

To use SearchOhio simply click the SearchOhio icon located on result page of our online catalog. In your account record, view your SearchOhio requests just as you would view your other catalog requests.

We ask that you please do not remove any of the stickers, paper slips, paper bands, etc. included with SearchOhio materials. This information must be returned with the item to ensure proper and timely processing.

For books, audiobooks, and music borrowed through SearchOhio, there is a 21-day loan period. The DVD loan period is 7 days. All items may be eligible for up to 3 renewals (if there are no other requests or holds on the items you want to renew). Loan limit is 50 unless OhioLINK items are also borrowed at the same time; in that case, limit may be restricted to 25 items. The late fee for all items is 50¢ a day with a maximum overdue fine of $25. An additional replacement fee of $25 will be billed for any item not returned within 30 days of the due date.

Many library systems In Ohio participate in SearchOhio; see the SearchOhio website for a listing.
Items borrowed through SearchOhio can be returned to any of our branches.  


Through OhioLINK we provide our customers with access to millions of additional items from the collections of participating college and university libraries across Ohio.

For books borrowed through OhioLINK, there is a 21-day loan period with up to 6 renewals (renewals can be made within 7 days of the due date), the late fee is 50¢ a day.  

DVDs, CDs and periodicals borrowed through OhioLINK have a 7-day loan period with up to 3 renewals, and the late fee is 50¢ per day. Loan limit is 25 items.

Returning an item that had been billed and/or is more than 30 days overdue will incur a $50 fine. Replacement cost per item is $125.

To use OhioLINK, click on the OhioLINK icon located on result page of our online catalog.

Anyone with a valid library card from any OhioLINK institution may request that materials be sent to any other OhioLINK institution for pick-up. Books borrowed through OhioLINK may be returned to any other OhioLINK institution.

Anyone with a valid library card from any OhioLINK institution may borrow materials from any other OhioLINK institution using the visiting patron feature.

You can view your OhioLINK requests in your account record, just as you view your other Catalog requests. OhioLINK requests generally take 3-5 business days to fill.

Please do not remove any of the stickers, paper slips, paper bands, etc. included with the material when you pick it up. This information must be returned with the item to insure proper and timely processing.

Items that are on order cannot be requested and items that have others waiting to borrow them cannot be renewed. For more information, please visit OhioLINK catalog FAQs.