Why pay for subscription music services when you can listen to your favorite albums for FREE anytime, anywhere using your Cuyahoga County Public Library card. No library card? No problem. Get one now.

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Listen to hoopla free with your library cardListen to 200,000+ commercial-free albums for FREE whenever you want

All you need is a Cuyahoga County Public Library card to enjoy hoopla's groundbreaking streaming music service free of charge. Take your pick from a massive selection of albums that you can enjoy on your computer, tablet or phone. You can instantly stream any album in the hoopla catalog, or temporarily download albums to your device for offline listening. 

Pro tips: For the best experience we recommend downloading the free hoopla app for Apple iOSAndroid and Kindle HD/HDX. Favorite albums you love to build a customized hoopla music library. 

Please note: For the best hoopla experience we recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge as your browser. hoopla does not support Internet Explorer. 


Explore Naxos Music LibraryImmerse yourself in the world's most comprehensive classical music library

Naxos Music Library offers an unparalleled collection of Classical, Jazz, World and Folk music, including titles from hundreds of leading independent labels. More 1,000 albums are added monthly. All you need is a library card to start streaming music from your favorite composers and performers.            

Pro Tip: Get the free Naxos Music Library app for iOS and Android to access CD-length recordings and 2 million+ tracks. 

Pro Tip: Ever wonder what it is they're actually saying in those great Italian operas? We have you covered with online language learning courses available through with Mango and Transparent Language Online, free with your library card. 





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Naxos Video Library — watch performances by the world's leading orchestras, classic operas and master classes taught by classically trained musicians.   
Rock's Back Pages — the largest database of music journalism online, with 25,000+ articles on artists from Aaliyah to ZZ Top.