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Inline-Image-9-Kanopy-170x300.pngEnjoy hundreds of popular magazines anytime, anywhere 

Flipster lets you download your favorite magazines to read online or offline, anytime, anywhere. Titles include US Weekly, The New Yorker, People, Esquire, Allure, Time, ESPN the Magazine, AARP: The Magazine and hundreds more. There are no subscription fees to pay, no waitlists and no late fees, ever!

Pro tip: Download as many Flipster titles as you want. There is no borrowing limit! 

Pro tip: For the best experience, we recommend downloading the free Flipster app for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire.  



Inline-Image-10-Kanopy-Kids-170x300.pngRead news and magazines from all over the world in 50+ languages

Pressreader features newspapers and magazines in 50+ languages from Europe, Latin America, Asia, Middle East and the United States. Includes Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, New York Post, Vanity Fair and hundreds more publications. Always free, no waitlists, no late fees.

Pro tip: Get the free Pressreader app for iOS and Android and take your favorite news publications and magazines with you everywhere you go.

Pro tip: Our free online language learning courses available through with Mango and Transparent Language Online are a fitting complement to intrepid readers interested in reading international Pressreader titles in their native tongue.  




Use your library card to access current-day content from this authoritative source of global and national business reporting. Explore searchable, full-text content from 1984 to present. New digital issues of Wall Street Journal are available by 8:00 AM EST daily. Accessible via ProQuest. 




Enjoy digital versions of local newspapers, FREE with your library card. 

Cleveland Call & Post — This searchable resource provides access to more than 60 years (1934-1991) of Cleveland’s African-American newspaper. Accessible via ProQuest. 
Cleveland Jewish News — Read current and past issues using this searchable online resource. 
Cleveland Jewish News Archive — This comprehensive archive contains every edition published since October 30, 1964.
Plain Dealer — Read every issue from 1991 to present. Accessible via NewsBank. 
Plain Dealer Archive — Read every issue from April 7, 1845 to May 31, 1991. Archive features full text and article images. Accessible via NewsBank. 


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If you like Flipster and Pressreader, give these FREE library resources a try. 

Mango — Learn how to hold a conversation in more than 70 languages, including: Spanish, French, Russian, Mandarin Chinese and more. Includes ESOL lessons. 
New York Times — FREE unlimited access to is available at home or in our branches using an email address or Google, Facebook or Apple account. 
Newspaper Source by EBSCO — Read newspapers from all over the world, plus more than 200 regional newspapers and TV/radio news transcripts. 
Transparent Language Online — Over 100 world language courses are available, including Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. There's also an ESL component that provides English language learning to speakers of over 25 different languages, including Farsi, Hindi and Tagalog.
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