Animals - Zoo, Small
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This set familiarizes children with the different characteristics of zoo animals. Also stimulates imaginative play.
Easy Score Kick Croquet
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Numbered wickets can be set in bases for indoor use or staked into the ground for outdoor use. Inflated balls are soft and safe for active play.
Dominoes - Counting Toys
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Match dominoes numeral to numeral or numeral to the number of toys pictured to learn counting and one-on-one correspondence.
Dominoes - Dinosaurs
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Traditional domino matching game using our friends from prehistoric times.
Balancing Moon
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This colorful wooden game is a fun way to learn about gravity and balance, providing immediate feedback on what works and what doesn't. Players roll the color-coded die, then place a cylinder of corresponding color atop the yellow moon.
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Different colored pegs can be sorted and placed in a soft foam pegboard.
Floor Puzzles - Rainbow Fish
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Large, colorful 24 piece puzzle of two rainbow fish.
Food and Dishes - Velcro Sandwich
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This sandwich set includes a loaf of sliced bread, ham, cheese, lettuce and other sandwich toppings.
Food and Dishes - Breakfast Set
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This set includes a variety of items geared to help children use their imaginations. The set includes various cooking pans, dishes and food items.
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