Spinners Numbers Game
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A game for 1-4 players where you create a puzzle by using the spinner to choose a matching number.
Domino Rally
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Endless design possibilities involving tumbling people and dominoes that can go up and down stairs and around obstacles. Finish by ringing the bell.
Rainbow Blocks
50% Complete (success)
Bright, see-through blocks with beads, sand, water or vivid color for light and color exploration.
Food and Dishes - Lunch
50% Complete (success)
A variety of dishes and pretend luncheon foods.
Easy Puzzles - Dinosaurs
50% Complete (success)
Two wooden tray puzzles - a Triceratops and a Tyrannosaurus.
Golf Set
50% Complete (success)
Have fun learning to hit the ball with this set.
Dominoes - Vehicles
50% Complete (success)
This domino game has 3-D wooden pieces featuring vehicles and roadways.
Floor Puzzles - Fire Truck
50% Complete (success)
Put together this four foot long fire truck.
Vehicles - big and little truck combo
50% Complete (success)
You’ll dig this set of trucks while learning about size contrast, colors and sorting. Manipulatives can be scooped and dumped but also help development fine motor skills when linked together.
Sensory Discs
50% Complete (success)
Five tactile base plates and 20 matching hand tiles encourage gross motor, cognitive and sensory development all at once! FEEL and match the patterns, SEE and match the colors, TOSS to match them both.
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