Travel Toys
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Need some toys to take on your travels?  Whether near or far; by boat or car, train or planeā€¦.these toys will add to your fun along the way.  Set includes a variety of toys to appeal to everyone from 0-100 who wish to play on their own or challenge others in the group!
Action Tracks and Vehicles
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Extend vehicle and block play over rocky ground, bumpy inclines and a bridge.
Flower Power Sensory Mat
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Baby will have a bloomin' good time exploring the surprise sounds found in each colorful petal of this soft, oversized flower play mat.
Take-along Shape Sorter
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Sort shapes on one side, lift the crinkly flaps to find familiar objects on the other side then unzip the case to spill the contents and start again.  Develops these skills: sensory, fine motor, logic, creativity, linguistics, social-emotional, communication and self-esteem.
Mix and Measure Set
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Scoop, pour, mix, measure, observe, predict and compare!  Investigative tools and activity cards for hands-on exploration of volume, weight, measurement and properties of liquid and solid matter.
Tricky Green Fish
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All ages will enjoy moving the ball through the maze by rocking the base back and forth to create a vivid image of a fish swimming in your hand!
Spin Again Stacker
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A stacking toy with a spin....literally!  Drop the discs onto the threaded pole and watch as they spin down to the base.  This visually stimulating stacker will keep little ones enthralled as they practice their hand-eye coordination skills....again and again!
Bright Bites Count and Cook Breakfast
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Flip, stack, count and serve a plateful of delicious fine motor and counting fun but don't forget to save room for imagination!
Bright Bites Burger Shapes
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Order up a burger with your favorite toppings in colorful shapes.  This is a shape stacker that's a party for your imaginative taste buds! 
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