First Games - Sailor Ahoy!
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Pile building blocks, complete puzzles and work as a team to help Sam the Sailor reach the boat before it heads for deep water!
Smart Snacks Count
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Build number recognition and practice counting out sets using play popcorn and progressively sized and numbered popcorn bowls.
Balance Beam Set - Special Needs
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Colorful sections are covered with smooth, rounded bumps providing tactile stimulation and help to improve the sense of balance when walked on.
Bean Bag Toss Game Mat
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This game will reinforce visual and gross motor skills as children try to aim where they want the bean bags to land on the mat.
Dominoes - Sweet Treats
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Traditional domino matching game with pictures of candy makes this toy a sweet treat.
Vehicles - Cargo Carrier
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Crates of farm-fresh fruit and vegetables can be loaded on this wooden rig by your little farmer, then driven to market. This toy can be used to encourage the development of your child's narrative and imaginative skills by talking with them as they play.
Vehicles - Wooden Airplane
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Your little one will love taking the passengers in and out of the plane and stacking the baggage in the rolling luggage cart! The set is designed to help your child develop sorting, matching, and counting skills while enjoying hours of imaginative play.
Floor Puzzles - Little Wheelies Zoo
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Put the puzzle together then use the Little Wheelies vehicles to explore a town, a farm or a zoo.
Memory Caps
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A twist on the classic memory game where players try to match the geometric shapes hidden under bright red caps.
Hidden Difference Puzzle Card Set
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Compare and find the difference between the scenes found on four cards that are coded for difficulty.
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