Match Patch Game
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A hidden picture matching game from "Highlights" magazine.
Logic Puzzle - Day & Night
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Re-create shapes and designs, block by block, by arranging and stacking the pieces to match the pictures in the challenge booklet. Block color, shape, and silhouette provide clues as puzzles progress in difficulty. It's a fun way to develop problem solving and logical thinking...
Sequence - Numbers
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Play a card from your hand, place a chip on a corresponding space on the game board and when you have five in a row, it's a Sequence.
Shake and Reveal
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Read the question at the top of the card; slide the card into the window box; give it a shake then watch in amazement as the permanently enclosed magnetic shavings complete the illustration and reveal the answer!
Spiral Speedway
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Race two cars down the spiral track.
Ribbit Drum
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Ribbit your way to rockdom when you grab your colorful drumsticks, take center stage and set the rhythm!  The lily pads light up in time to familiar nursery songs and a funny slurpy sound lets you know when you've hit the sweet spot.
Duplo Number Train
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Use Duplo blocks to build a train with cargo that numbers 1-10, then use the blocks to build even more!
Food and Dishes - Hamburger Stack Toy
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A non-sequential educational stack toy that delights kids of all ages. Hand/eye coordination and finger dexterity can all be measured with the stacking hamburger puzzle. There is no right or wrong way to stack. Made of rugged western ponderosa white pin
Vehicles - Fire Truck
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The Little People firefighter is ready for rescue. Your child can pretend to hop aboard the rescue rig with Michael and head off to douse big blazes with the real winding hose, or use the ladder to save the kitty in the tree.
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