Infinity Loop
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Ages 4 and up will enjoy the challenge of keeping the ball moving by turning the track, not the ball! Encourages gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination and dexterity.
Ogosport Raq
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A hand trampoline for balls: throw, catch, bounce!
Portable Puppet Stage
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One tri-fold puppet stage, 50” tall and 30” wide. Puppets not included.
Floor Puzzles - Curious George
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Curious George fans will love this 46 piece floor puzzle of George on his scooter.
Match It! - Upper & Lowercase Letters
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Matching provides an effective way to develop and improve student's reading and language skills.
Easy Puzzles - World Landmarks
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Learn about some of the world's important landmarks while developing fine motor skills.
Crazy Creatures
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A perfect game for early readers as no reading is required to match up the crazy mixed up creatures down on the farm.
Life cycle - Chick and Sunflower
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Use these challenging puzzles to help develop children's sequencing and logical thinking skills. Includes Chick and Sunflower layered puzzles.
Bean Bag Sock Scotch
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Sock scotch has a brightly colored vinyl mat with fun graphics that decorate the game. It comes with three bean bags to mark the progress. Kids learn cooperation, patience, balance and coordination while they play.
Picture Cube Puzzle
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Solving puzzles and building with blocks are all-time favorite activities. Each six-sided block can be stacked or arranged to reveal friendly animal faces or children at play.
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