Lunch Box Games - Storybook
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Players sharpen memory skills and tell a unique story with each card played.
Lunch Box Games - Peanut Butter & Jelly
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Build peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, but watch out for the ant and fly cards. Great for learning to take turns and matching skills.
Lunch Box Games - Jelly Bean Jumble
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Roll the jelly bean jumbler die then grab the matching jelly bean card. A fast paced matching and color sorting game with no reading required.
Patterning Game
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Logical thinking and problem solving are promoted by the early development of visual patterning. Children recognize the pattern and find the missing piece.
Reading Skills Puzzles - Alphabet
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Support, enrich and enhance the development of reading skills. This large sized, colorful, self-correcting and durable set is good for early readers and readers with special needs.
All Around Town
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Develop sorting, classifying, and thinking skills as you travel "all around town" in a race to become the first player to collect something from every store.
Checkers - Giant
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This is a great classic game that comes with a reversable rug that also lets you play tic tac toe.
Floor Puzzles - Find It! 123
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A beautifully illustrated puzzle that becomes a game, this giant-size 3x2' floor puzzle includes 10 game pieces.
Literacy games - Creepy cave consonant
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It's monsterous fun! You move your monster marker through the creepy cave by matching beginning consonants. Great for building vocabulary words and beginning spelling skills. For 2-4 players.
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