Stroll-along Walker
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When your baby is ready for walking, this strudy stroller is ready to lend support while encouraging early role play and nurturing. Includes a soft, huggable doll. NOT MEANT TO CARRY A CHILD
Giant Book Play Mat
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 The soft and varied textures stimulate baby's senses and encourage early discoveries!
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Even beginners can make a catch every time with our no-fail fishing set! It features 10 soft, stuffed cloth fish in lots of vibrant colors plus a child-safe pole that’s easy for toddlers to hold.
Bead Chain Curtain
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Multi-colored bead curtain when touched sets off waves of motion. Can be secured to any smooth surface by means of the attached suction cups.
Cheap Talk Communicator
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A self contained communication device. Equipped with one 1/8" jack to activate a device.
Textured Shapes Puzzle
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The 6 colorful shaped puzzle pieces that fit into the wooden base have inviting textures to encourage tactile, fine motor, and recognition skills.
Vehicles - Toddler Set
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Versatile set of five vehicles includes tank truck, dump truck, tow truck, tugboat and barge and cozy coupe car. Big toddle tots operator included with each vehicle.
Color Ring Sorting Board
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Toddlers can group, sort and stack these rainbow colored rings--activities that hone their skills of observation, differentiation and hand-eye coordination.
Push and Walk Popper
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This popular push toys invites young walkers to exercise their new walking skills and encourages their independence.
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