USA Puzzle
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Here's a wonderful was for children to learn the names, shapes and positions of America's states. The 53 removable pieces represent states, or groups of small adjacent states, and the Great Lakes.
Parachute - 12
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High-strength nylon parachute is a real kid pleaser. Brilliant colors bounce and billow as children play holding on to the reinforced handles. 12' in diameter.
Riddle Moo This
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Boost reading comprehension and deductive reasoning with this exciting riddle game. "It's a fruit; It can be red; It crunches when you take a bite." Buzz if you know the answer and laugh when you hear the animal sounds from each buzzer!
Stop the Stampede! Logic Puzzle Game
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Logic is needed to solve the puzzles and help the animals cross over the water to safety. A great thinking game to engage the whole family with five levels of difficulty.
Mental Blox Game
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Use the activity cards to keep strategic thinking skills sharp by stacking the blocks to match patterns and shapes.
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Each playing board is a different store. The Dealer draws a picture tile and announces the object and the player who has the store for that item calls out the name of the store. The first to fill their card with picture matches gets to yell “BINGO” and wins the game.
Runaway Log Game
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A log from the beaver's dam has broken loose and is splashing, crashing and smashing downstream! The busy beavers must duck and dodge the log in a race to the beaver dam. Award winning game for 2-4 players.
Obstacles Game
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Two-five players work as a team to make solutions to get them home. An award winning game that promotes cooperation and imagination.
Look, Look Board Game
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Use 6 different challenges to test your powers of perception. Collect enough cards to spell "LOOK" and win the game.
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