Bead Maze Cube
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Bead maze cube can be played from six different perspectives. Turn it over on any of its six sides. Captivates a child's imagination while stimulating perceptual, motor and language development.
Sand and Water Play Set
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Kids love to play with sand and water and this play set provides everything they need.
Magnetic Maze - Alphabet
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Here’s an irresistible, hands-on way to explore the alphabet! Colorful balloons that represent each letter of the alphabet, plus 26 corresponding letter magnets help master letter identification & alphabet order.
Madeline - Game and Puzzle Set
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Through books, puzzles, and games, children of all ages will delight in this spunky little girl and her many adventures.
Vet Set
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Young pet doctors can be ready for any emergency with this portable stuffed animal carrier and doctor's kit. Includes the portable carrier, play stethoscope, thermometer and more. Most small to medium sized stuffed animals can fit carrier.
Bead Maze Pathfinder
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Let your imagination travel on a wonderful sensory adventure! Guide the beads along the paths to get to your destination. Moving forward and backtracking challenges the basic skills of logical thinking, eye-hand coordination, and visual tracking.
Magnetic Circle Express
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While children use the magical magnetic wand to move the ten balls in the circle maze it challenges eye-hand coordination, visual tracking, and logical thinking. A never ending game!
Lacing Picture Match-Ups
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Kids develop picture-perfect lacing skills as they match a baseball to a glove, a ladybug to a leaf, a shell to a turtle, and more. Each 5" X 7" board features a colorful picture with one object missing.
Lacing Bear
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Kids get lots of lacing practice as they dress this 8" tall wooden teddy bear. It comes with mix and match outfits. Develops fine motor skills.
Alphabet Barn Puzzle
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Barn Shape stand uses flip design feature that allows kids to flip the puzzle pieces over to experience a whole new puzzle theme. Features alphabet learning, plus a picture puzzle.
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