Floor Puzzles - Alphabet
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Familiar photo images and big easy-grip pieces give kids tons of hands-on practice with letters. The alphabet puzzle has upper- and lowercase letters, plus corresponding pictures and words.
Numbers 1-20 Puzzle
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This puzzle has slots for numbers 1-20 along with operators (=, +, -) to form your own equations.
Curious George Discovery Beach Game
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Join Curious George on a seashore scavenger hunt! Search for sea creatures and colorful treasures hidden below 5 secret beach locations. Find the most treasures to win.
Drum Set and Rainbomaker
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Children will be intrigued as they shake, rattle and turn the rainbomaker. The Drum comes with two attached drumsticks.
Bean Bag Toss - Alphabet
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Giant, doublesided play mat and colorful beanbags encourage children to learn the alphabet through active play. A hopscotch pattern is on the other side.
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This unique set of dominoes has 7 different textures and colors. Dominoes can be played using color cues or textures. Ideal for sight impaired students and teaching tactile differences and sensory awareness.
Rhyming Word Puzzles
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Easy-fitting, kid friendly puzzles...that explore 20 different rhyming sounds! Each puzzle piece in this set has an easy-to-recognize picture, plus a matching word for that image.
Make-a-Word Picture Puzzles
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Learn to spell...with picture puzzles! Our wooden puzzle collection lets children piece together colorful kid-pleasing pictures...and as they do they spell simple 3 to 5 letter words.
Food Basket Shopping Set
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This set includes a cash register, various food items and a grocery basket to carry it all.
Floor Puzzles - School Bus
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A large floor puzzle of a scene at a school bus stop.
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