One Fish Two Fish Fill and Spill
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Bring the classic Dr. Seuss book to life by filling (and spilling) the fish in and out of the bowl. Fill and spill toys provide sensory stimulation and fine motor skill development.
Hungry Pelican
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Feed the friendly pelican and see the little creatures in his see-through tummy. Dump them out and feed him again when he's hungry. Fill and spill toys provide sensory stimulation and fine motor developement.
Feed the Animals
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Memory game or matching puzzle for guessing each animal's favorite food. Helps develop observation and concentration skills as well as increasing vocabulary and basic knowledge about animals.
Fill and Spill Barn
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Little ones love to fill a container, spill it out and do it again and again! Develops fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination while encouraging parent and child interaction. This set includes wooden farm animals to fill and spill out of the barn.
Floor Puzzles - Llama Llama Red Pajama
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A wonderful first puzzle with oversized pieces but this one has a twist because it is two-sided with a picture of Llama Llama on one side and with Mom on the other! Even better, set also includes a plush character doll and book so you can share this dear story together.
Bean Bag Hopscotch
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 Play hopscotch indoors on a brightly colored carpet with large numerals and 2 beanbags to use as markers.  Have fun actively working on coordination and counting skills.
Floor Puzzles - On the Road
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Put together this road themed floor puzzle then extend the play with the  vehicles. Can be combined with Floor Puzzles - On the farm and Floor Puzzles - On the town for even more imaginative play.
Sequencing Storytelling Set - Farm
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Children simply find a group of four picture cards that go together then put them in order in the numbered barns.  Develop narrative skills describing the farm scenes; discuss farm life and develop cognitive and fine motor skills.
Sort and Count Animal Cottage
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A cottage where you can sort shapes through the roof and animas through the doors then unlock the doors and do it again for help in improving manual dexterity and color recognition.
Croquet - Indoor
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Play this classic game inside and out with four colorful wickets and 2 balls and mallets.  Develops motor skills, color recognition, problem solving and hand-eye coordination.
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