Bounce and Giggle Farm Animal
50% Complete (success)
Press the nose of the jolly farm animal to start the vibraton action and fun surprises of sounds, music and motion.
Castle Blocks - Jr.
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Create your own happily ever after with this junior version of our castle block set for endless fairy tale fun.
Sweet Pea Snuggle Doll
50% Complete (success)
Little ones will love toting and tucking in their own adorable first doll.  This super soft snuggle buddy fosters early development of nurturing skills.
Bright Bites Mix and Match Pizza
50% Complete (success)
Put the toppings on a slice of pizza then see if you can match the pattern on the rest of the pieces.  Builds early matching and sequencing skills….and the perfect pizza pie!
Chess - Giant
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This is a great set for beginners or veterans who enjoy playing blitz or regular games.  Weighted pieces do not tip over easily and range in size from: 2  1/8 inch Pawn to 4  1/8 inch King.
Fruits and Veggies Bingo
50% Complete (success)
Fruits and vegetables are listed in columns by colors. Players must correctly answer questions to determine what foods can be covered on their bingo card.
Floor Puzzles - See Inside Fruits
50% Complete (success)
Produce photographs show the various textures of the outside of the fruits along with cross-sections or individual pieces.  A fun way to encourage children to eat healthy foods every day!
Tricky Blue Fish
50% Complete (success)
All ages will enjoy moving the ball through the maze by rocking the base back and forth to create a vivid image of a fish swimming in your hand!
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