Floor Puzzles - Fire Truck
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Put together this four foot long fire truck.
Vehicles - big and little truck combo
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You’ll dig this set of trucks while learning about size contrast, colors and sorting. Manipulatives can be scooped and dumped but also help development fine motor skills when linked together.
Mini Kitchen Set
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Let your child cook up a storm with this fantastic kitchen set featuring a light up cooker with turning dials and a glowing barbecue with fun sizzling sounds.
Tactile Discs
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Children are blindfolded and explore by holding a small disc with raised patterns and then match the same pattern on a large disc using their feet. Great for visually impaired children.
Sensory Discs
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Five tactile base plates and 20 matching hand tiles encourage gross motor, cognitive and sensory development all at once! FEEL and match the patterns, SEE and match the colors, TOSS to match them both.
Ocean Boat Adventure
50% Complete (success)'ve set sail on the high seas looking for adventure, and you've found it! Whether it's deep sea diving or fishing it's a whole new adventure every time you play-because you decide what happens next!
Goodnight Moon Game
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Helps players to develop cognitive, strategic, memory, visual, and language skills.
Drive and Putt Golf Set
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Learn the links with this challenging and versatile set. Drive from tee to removable flag then putt to hole in base.
Doctor Bag
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Pretend you are a doctor, using common tools found in a doctor's office.
Floor Puzzles - Rainforest
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This puzzle gives kids an up-close look at the amazing animals of the rain forest!
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