Infinity Loop Rolling Track
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Advance the ball along one of four choices of tracks by turning the base or by blowing on the ball to move it along.  Improves a child's oral muscles; the flexibility of arms, wrists and upper limbs and enhances visual tracking and concentration.
Able Spinner
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A fun alternative to rolling dice or selecting a random number for anyone needing assistance.
Pound-a-Ball Round and Round
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As the ball is pounded down with the wooden mallet, "Surprise!" a new ball continuously comes up to replace it.  An award winning toy that is great for developing hand-eye coordination.
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Players take turns placing numbered tiles of the same color in consecutive order or in groups of three or more of the same number in different colors, rummy style. The object is to be the first player to play every tile on your rack. Ideal for people of different ages to play ...
Teapot Shape Sorter
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Can be used as a shape sorter or pretend teapot! Set comes with four mini tea cups which are color matched to their respective holes. Encourages understanding of color matching and shape recognition as well as fine motor skills.  
Flower Power Sensory Mat
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Baby will have a bloomin' good time exploring the surprise sounds found in each colorful petal of this soft, oversized flower play mat.
Take-along Shape Sorter
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Sort shapes on one side, lift the crinkly flaps to find familiar objects on the other side then unzip the case to spill the contents and start again.  Develops these skills: sensory, fine motor, logic, creativity, linguistics, social-emotional, communication and self-esteem.
Bright Bites Color Fun Fruit Pie
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Fresh from the oven, this fruity pie is bursting with learning fun.  Just count and sort the colorful fruits and top with the pie crust.
Trix Track - Cat and Mouse Track
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More than a classic wooden ball run, this is creative gravity play that encourages beginning math and science skills along with fun, imaginative building.  Each set comes with detailed pictures to complete the initial structure but experiment to see what else will work.   And,...
Button Box Sorter
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Tots sort the buttons into the soft vinyl box then pop off the lid to do it again for hands-on experience with color, shape, size and fine motor control.  Buttons come in 3 shapes and 4 colors.  
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