Feelings, Bear
50% Complete (success)
Choose a face to reflect the bear's mood, and an outfit for him to wear.
Vehicles - Big Semi Truck
50% Complete (success)
A big truck great for little hands. Features turning cab and movable doors.
Number Sequencing Puzzles
50% Complete (success)
Arrange the simple, color-coded pieces from 1-10 to complete a colorful picture and get an introduction to sequencing.
Life Cycle Puzzles
50% Complete (success)
4 different lifecycle puzzles- Flower, Chick, Frog, Butterfly.
Fishing Set Magnetic
50% Complete (success)
Kids always make a great catch with this fun-filled set! It has a safe, magnetic pole and fish.
Duplo Tubes
50% Complete (success)
This set helps children plan, build, and learn how things work.
Floor Puzzles - Clifford
50% Complete (success)
Construct a large floor puzzle of Clifford the big red dog.
Floor Puzzles - Thomas
50% Complete (success)
Construct a floor puzzle that looks like Thomas the Tank Engine.
Floor Puzzles - Search and Learn Farm
50% Complete (success)
A floor puzzle that becomes a game by matching question cards with pieces from the puzzle.
Animals - Farm Families
50% Complete (success)
Small vinyl animals found on a farm.
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