Magnetic - Yes or No?
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Slide the attached magnet over the clear cover to discover which objects are and are not magnetic.
Sorting Shape and Color Treats
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Pull apart the cupcakes and match shape tops to bottoms. Then match to correct shape in the tray. Plus, build giant cones. Color names are printed on the bottom. All pieces made of flexible vinyl.
Dominoes - Dinosaurs
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Traditional domino matching game using our friends from prehistoric times.
Fairy Caravan Wagon
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When fairies are tired of flying, they can travel in this charming caravan wagon and provide little ones a time of discovery and communication.
Pretend Places - Happyland
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A new adventure awaits each time you visit Happyland whether the Post Office, Police Station, Toy Shop or Village Vet, you will be happily surprised each time with this delightful variety set.
Boggle Jr.
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Match the word/picture cards with the letters on the cubes.
Color Blocks
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These brightly colored wooden blocks come in varying shapes and sizes. Imagination is the key to having fun with this toy. Can also be used for sorting or classifying by shape, color or size.
VeggieTales Larry
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Kids can dress up Larry in his silly costumes. Comes with mix-n-match pieces that are easy to press into place.
Farm Blocks
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This wooden farm set features a colorful barn, fences, silo, animals, tractors and more. Great for hours of imaginative play.
Balancing Moon
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This colorful wooden game is a fun way to learn about gravity and balance, providing immediate feedback on what works and what doesn't. Players roll the color-coded die, then place a cylinder of corresponding color atop the yellow moon.
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