Giant Learning Letters
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Match the cloth pictures to the appropriate letter.
Bean Bag Toss - Beginner
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Set the animal targets close together or far apart to make your own challenging game.
Bear Family Dress Up
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Change the clothing, activities and expressions of this friendly bear family by exchanging one puzzle piece for another.
Alphabet Jigsaw Puzzle
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Children learn the alphabet piece by piece. Each puzzle consists of just one letter-shaped piece and an illustrated puzzle board featuring a familiar object that starts with that letter.
Number Jigsaw Puzzle
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Teach simple numbers, motor skills, and counting with this set of smooth, wooden plaques. Set depicts numbers 0-9.
Food and Dishes - Velcro Sandwich
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This sandwich set includes a loaf of sliced bread, ham, cheese, lettuce and other sandwich toppings.
Addition and Subtraction Abacus
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Children will enjoy using this large, colorful counting frame to develop and reinforce counting, addition, subtraction and number comparison skills. This easy-to-use 30 bead, three-post wooden abacus comes with 17 number/symbol tiles to encourage practice
Sorting Box
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Increase a child's ability to perceive colors, shapes and numbers with this finely crafted set. This is a self-correcting toy so the child is able to learn without the aid of an adult.
Skyscraper Blocks
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Create a modern metropolis of skyscrapers and high-rise apartment buildings with these hard-maple blocks shaped to resemble contemporary structures.
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