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Easy-to-learn rules mean you'll be creating columns and rows of matching colors and shapes in no time!
Two Way Microscope
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This microscope allows viewing of an object from two different angles, top and bottom.
Bucket Blast Game
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Colorful plastic buckets, belts to attach buckets to players' backside, beanbags, boundary cones, blindfolds and an instruction book with directions for all 15 different action-packed games!
Floor Puzzles - Horses
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A  floor puzzle illustrating various breeds of horses.
Quick Chess
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Chess playing is a learned skill of strategy that can begin at age 6! Contained here are two complete chess games-starter and traditional sets and 10 levels of play.
Fast and Fun Word Game
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Children take turns adding letter blocks to the double-sided grid then write down as many words as they can find. Plus, the timer can be adjusted as their skills improve.
Bean Bag Toss - Sports Math
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Fun gross motor game invoving simple addition, subtraction and multiplication skills that feature 4 different designs- baseball, basketball, bowling and golf and colorful bean bags.
Reading Skills Puzzles - Compound Words
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Support, enrich and enhance the development of reading skills. This large sized, colorful, self-correcting and durable set is good for early readers and readers with special needs.
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