Reading Skills Puzzles - Rhyming Words
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Support, enrich and enhance the development of reading skills. This large sized, colorful, self-correcting and durable set is good for early readers and readers with special needs.
Literacy games - Max
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Beginning readers help fill Max's Attic with wacky and wonderful stuff by matching long and short vowel sounds on cut-out cards to items already in the attic. Help expand sight vocabulary spelling skills. For 2-4 players.
Literacy games - Sunken Treasure Phonics Game
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Beginning readers score points when they create words by matching beginning blend treasure chest key tops to word ending key bottoms as they travel over the tentacles of an octopus pirate. For 2-4 players.
Literacy games - Python Path Word Families Game
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Kids move along the friendly snake path winning points for piecing together initial consonants with word family endings to create complete words. Encourages word recognitions and reading confidence. For 2-4 players.
Time Match-Up Puzzles
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Where are the clock hands at 7:45? When kids put together this self-checking math puzzle, they'll find the answer, and get hands-on practice with tough concepts.
Floor Puzzles - World Map
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An extra large floor puzzle with 33 "easy clean" jumbo pieces. Completed puzzle measures 2 x 3 feet.
Push and Walk Activity Walker
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This fun filled activity center grows with baby's imagination! Activity center converts to a stable walker with fun clicking sounds. Later on, it turns into a play cart or stroller. Folds flat for carrying and storage.
Shape Sorter Aquarium
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Sorter is stocked with plastic shapes which can be retrieved through opening in cover.
My First Fish Bowl Fill and Spill
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Babies love to put the four sensory stimulating sea creatures into the bowl, then "fish" them out again and again!
Nesting Farm Animals
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Colorful farm animals seperate and nest inside each other.
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