Sweet Treats Fill and Spill
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Your child will have a sweet time spilling and filling the treats.
Zoo Shape Sorter
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A fun shape sorting activity zoo that helps teach shapes, colors and animal names.
Jingle, Beep and Spin Train
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All aboard! Your young conductor will enjoy traveling imaginary rails with this wooden train with cars that jingle, beep and spin for sensory stimulation.
Marble Run Jr
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A simpler version of the classic marble run toy that teaches basic principles of mechanics and physics such as gravity, speed, inertia and weight. Stack the tubes and watch the oversized marbles race to the bottom.
Sunshine Hide and Seek
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Play hide and seek with Sunshine, an adorable plush toy, while teaching your child positional words such as: In, On top, Below and more.
Duplo Create-a-Car
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My First Duplos utilizes the Combine and Create concept where structures of all shapes and sizes are possible by combining just a few colorful bricks.
Duplo Creative Animals
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Use Duplo blocks to create different animals.
Spinning Wheels Gear Toy
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Add the six primary color gears to the vehicles drawn on the board and turn to simulate the wheels turning. This toy promotes color recognition, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
Duplo Creative Ice Cream
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Use Duplo blocks to create tasty ice cream treats.
Duplo Creative Picnic Set
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Use Duplo blocks to create tasty picnic treats.
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