Pretend Places - Little Wheelies Roller Coaster
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A "kid-powered" Little Wheelies roller coaster that keeps little fingers busy loading the vehicle onto the ramp, turning the crank so the car goes "click-click-click" as it heads to the top, spinning the ferris wheel and then doing it all over again and again! A great toy for ...
Pretend Places - Little Wheelies Race Track
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Race two Little Wheelies formula one style race cars down the 2' track and cheer on your favorite. Track folds up for carry along fun.
Pretend Places - Little Wheelies Railway
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The Little Wheelies train just rolled into the station and is ready for play. Comes with easy connect cars, conductor and more.
Pretend Places - Little Wheelies Garage
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Fix your Little Wheelies car, wash it in the pretend carwash then send it down the ramp and on its way. Good for role playing and building vocabulary.
Pretend Places - Country Cottage
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Ring the doorbell and come on in to the house at 123 MainStreet. There's lots to keep your little one's imagination busy with this fully furnished cottage and family.
Pretend Places - Firehouse
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Whether they're putting out fires or rescuing Smokey the cat from a tree, these fire fighters always do their job well. Set includes firehouse, fire truck, fire fighters and more!
Sorting Shapes Eggs
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Two egg-citing toys teach shape sorting and matching! Chicks chirp when pressed down gently into thier shells.
Tunnel - small
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This six foot tunnel for kids to crawl through features padding around wire for added comfort. Indoor use only.
Baby Lego Blocks
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These blocks are ideal for small hands and courious minds. Bright colors, rattling sounds, and happy characters offer lots of possibilities for story telling and role-play.
Ball Popper
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A variation on the classic fill and spill game. Chase the balls when they, "POP", are launched in the air, then roll over them to magically pick the balls up and start the fun again.
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