Sort and Lock Shape Boxes
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Sort the shapes then unlock the doors and do it again.  Ideal for learning shape, color and spatial relationships and to strengthen problem-solving and fine motor skills.
Easy Puzzles - To the Rescue
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 Easy jigsaw puzzle depicting rescue vehicles.  Great for fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and creativity.
Under the Sea Blocks
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Colorful ocean-themed blocks that are wonderful in helping children develop their sort and stack skills along with imaginative play.  Perfect for developing color matching, dexterity and coordination.
Beginner Sequencing - What Comes Next?
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Complete the pattern, complete the puzzle with these self-correcting sequence puzzles.  Helps develop color and pattern recognition, sequencing, counting, independent play and hands-on learning.
Croquet - Indoor
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Play this classic game inside and out with four colorful wickets and 2 balls and mallets.  Develops motor skills, color recognition, problem solving and hand-eye coordination.
Jr. Rainbow Blocks
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Hardwood blocks in geometric shapes have a vibrantly colored plexiglass window so that children can explore color and light as they build.
Lacing Alphabet - Lowercase
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 Children can practice their alphabet skills and build hand-eye coordination lacing colorful lowercase letter beads.
Lacing Alphabet - Uppercase
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 Children can practice their alphabet skills and build hand-eye coordination lacing colorful uppercase letter beads.
Magnetic Math Fishing Set
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How many fish can you catch?  There are lots of ways to play and learn!  Count your catch; catch the fish in numeric order or take turns catching fish with a friend then add up the numbers on the fish to see who has the highest score. Helps in practicing patience, taking turns...
Train Set - City of London
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 A figure eight train set featuring familiar sights from the city of London.
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