Tricky Blue Fish
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All ages will enjoy moving the ball through the maze by rocking the base back and forth to create a vivid image of a fish swimming in your hand!
Infinity Loop Rolling Track
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Advance the ball along one of four choices of tracks by turning the base or by blowing on the ball to move it along.  Improves a child's oral muscles; the flexibility of arms, wrists and upper limbs and enhances visual tracking and concentration.
Able Spinner
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A fun alternative to rolling dice or selecting a random number for anyone needing assistance.
Tactile Turn
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Take your tactile senses for a spin! Five pentagonal shapes rotate on a stationary rod, displaying a different tactile material on each side. Match or mix the panels from left to right, or play matching games with additional, corresponding tactile tiles. Strengthens tactile pe...
Tactile Stepping Stones
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Each stepping stone has a different tactile feature that will keep kids engaged and entertained.  Great for helping children with balance, coordination and gross motor skills development.  Please use without shoes and experience optimum sensory play when barefoot or while wear...
Explorer Ring
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Learn fine motor skills by opening the doors to make the beads go round the ring.  children and adults of all needs and abilities will reap the benefits of both skill development and fun.
Pound-a-Ball Round and Round
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As the ball is pounded down with the wooden mallet, "Surprise!" a new ball continuously comes up to replace it.  An award winning toy that is great for developing hand-eye coordination.
Vehicles - Roadway
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Set includes varied sizes and shapes for countless roadway configurations that can be easily put together and taken apart like puzzle pieces.  Included are community buildings, signs, vehicles and more!  Ideal for single or large group play to build teamwork, cooperation and s...
Sensory Balls
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Set of play balls with different textures to explore. Some have fins or finger holes for ease in rolling, tossing and learning to play catch while others make a wacky sound for auditory stimulation.  All are great motivators of play for all ages and abilities.  
Monkey Strike Bowling
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Six monkey bowling pins can be set up for traditonal bowling or stacked for some monkey shines!
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