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our MAY title is
"every tool's a hammer"

by adam savage 

Join Cuyahoga County Public Library and WKYC-Channel 3 every third Monday of the month on Live on Lakeside for our book club discussion! We’ll take questions, chat about our takeaways from the books and even hear from the authors themselves.

Every Tool's a Hammer by Adam SavageAbout the book

In this practical and passionate guide, Adam Savage weaves together vivid personal stories, original sketches and photographs from some of his most memorable projects, and interviews with many of his iconic and visionary friends in the arts and sciences to demonstrate the many lessons he has picked up from a lifetime of making.

Every Tool’s a Hammer is sure to guide and inspire readers to build, make, invent, explore and, most of all, enjoy the thrills of being a creator. 

Adam Savage was the co-host of the hit show MythBusters on the Discovery Channel from its inception through its end, spanning fourteen years and nearly two hundred and seventy hours of television. Currently, he produces and stars on’s YouTube channel and is filming two new Discovery Channel shows: MythBusters Junior and Being Savage.

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