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Virtual class guidelines:
  • These classes will be held virtually using Screenleap, which requires a web browser and an internet connection. There is no additional software to download. Google Chrome is the recommended browser.
  • A valid email address is required for registration. Registrants will receive an email with a link to join the class at least an hour before the start time.
  • Registration opens 30 days before the start of the class and closes prior to the start of the class.*


Windows 10

Learn how to use the newest Windows operating system. Explore new features, including the redesigned Start Menu, Microsoft Edge and OneDrive.
Wednesday, April 14 / 1 – 2 PM

Internet Basics

Learn how to use web browsers and search engines to navigate the internet. This class will also discuss how to stay secure while searching for and submitting information online.
Thursday, April 15 / 10 – 11 AM


Introduction to Word

Learn how to enter and format text and images, change line spacing, and copy and paste in Microsoft Word. This class will also discuss saving and printing tips.
Monday, April 19 / 7 – 8 PM
Tuesday, April 27 / 10 – 11 AM


Word: Formatting Basics

Learn how to format text in Word using individual and global formatting features. This class will review font group options like drop caps and hanging indents, as well as styles and borders.
Monday, May 10 / 7 – 8 PM

Word: Tables, Tab Stops & Images

Learn how to add organization and visual interest to your Word documents using tables and images.
Thursday, May 20 / 7 – 8 PM

Word: Mail Merge

Learn how to use a list of contact information to quickly create letters, mailing labels and other documents in Microsoft Word.
Tuesday, May 4 / 1 – 2 PM

Word: Managing Documents

Learn how to apply advanced formatting features to documents in Word. We’ll discuss how to apply formatting styles, use page and section breaks, insert a table of contents, and add headers, footers and page numbers to a document.
Wednesday, April 28 / 1 – 2 PM

Word: Advanced Tools

Explore advanced features of Word, including track changes, comments and footnotes. Learn how Microsoft generates different citation styles – such as MLA and APA – in your document.
Tuesday, May 4 / 7 – 8 PM


Introduction to Excel, Part 1

Learn the basics of the popular spreadsheet software Excel. In this class, we will tour the Excel interface; learn how to enter, autofill and format data; and review saving and printing tips.
Saturday, May 1 / 10 – 11 AM

Introduction to Excel, Part 2

Continue learning some of the basic features in Excel. Topics covered will include formatting numbers, sorting and filtering, moving and copying worksheets, and freezing panes.
Saturday, May 15 / 10 – 11 AM

Excel: Data Visualization

Learn how to use tools available in Excel to visualize your spreadsheet data. We’ll discuss how to insert and format charts and quickly highlight trends using conditional formatting rules.
Thursday, May 13 / 1 – 2 PM

Excel: Data Analysis

Learn how to use some of Excel’s data analysis tools like Goal Seek, Scenario Manager and Data Tables.
Wednesday, May 26 / 1 – 2 PM

Excel: Formulas & Functions

Learn how to calculate and summarize spreadsheet data using formulas and functions in Excel. This class will review basic mathematical formulas as well as introduce a variety of popular functions, including text and summary functions.
Wednesday, April 21 / 1 – 2 PM
Thursday, May 6 / 10 – 11 AM


Excel: Advanced Functions

Learn how to evaluate and retrieve data using some of the logical and lookup functions available in Excel. This class will also discuss defining and using named ranges in a spreadsheet.
Thursday, April 22 / 1 – 2 PM

Excel: Pivot Tables

Learn how to use Pivot Tables to quickly analyze and summarize large amounts of information. In this introduction to Pivot Tables, we will discuss how to design and manage Pivot Tables, explore tips for setting up source data and learn how to summarize numerical, date and time data.
Tuesday, May 11 / 10 – 11 AM

Excel: Pivot Tables, Part 2

Continue learning Pivot Table features that help summarize and organize large sets of data. This class will discuss sorting, filtering and grouping as well as Pivot Charts.
Wednesday, May 12 / 1 – 2 PM

Excel: Advanced Tools

Learn how to use advanced tools in Excel to manage and work with spreadsheet data. We’ll review how to apply data validation rules, convert data to a table, use paste special options and work with multiple worksheets.
Wednesday, May 5 / 1 – 2 PM


PowerPoint 1

Geared toward the beginner, this class offers an overview of Microsoft PowerPoint, a software program for designing creative presentations and slideshows. Create a simple presentation and learn how to add text, images and transitions to slides.
Tuesday, May 18 / 10 – 11 AM

PowerPoint 2

For those already familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint, build on what you know to take your presentation to the next level. Topics include using slide master and adding animations, hyperlinks, videos and sound.
Tuesday, April 13 / 10 – 11 AM
Tuesday, May 25 / 10 – 11 AM


Introduction to Outlook

Learn how to use Microsoft Outlook for personal or professional use. This class covers sending, receiving and organizing emails; maintaining a calendar; and adding contacts.
Monday, April 12 / 7 – 8 PM
Wednesday, May 19 / 1 – 2 PM


Publisher Basics

Learn the basics of Microsoft Publisher by using objects to create flyers, newsletters and other types of documents.
Tuesday, April 20 / 10 – 11 AM


Introduction to Illustrator

Design a logo using the various shape, drawing and text tools available in Adobe Illustrator.
Thursday, May 20 / 1 – 2 PM


Photoshop: Next Steps

For those already familiar with Photoshop, expand your photo editing skills with adjustment, selection and retouching tools. Learn how to use adjustment layers, explore a variety of selection tools and use some of the retouching tools available in Photoshop.
Thursday, April 29 / 10 – 11 AM

*Registration opens 30 days before the class date and closes prior to the start of the class: 

  • For classes beginning at 10 AM, registration closes at 4 PM the day before the class. 
  • For classes beginning at 1 PM, registration closes at 7 PM the day before the class. 
  • For classes beginning at 7 PM, registration closes at 9 AM on the day of the class.