Encore Entrepreneurs

ENCORE Entrepreneurs

A great idea is the seed of a successful business, but it can only flourish if it’s cultivated properly. That’s where we come in. Together we can grow your seed of an idea into a mighty oak.
Our ENCORE Entrepreneurs workshops can help you realize your dreams of starting and growing a successful business, owning a franchise or developing a new product.    

See our ENCORE entrepreneurs website for more resources for your business— creating/growing/leading business to the next level.


This six-week series of workshops is led by experienced business professionals. See below for participating branches. Registration is required. Please be sure to register for all six workshops in this series.
Week 1: Concept2Business
In this workshop, learn how to generate and cultivate your business ideas and develop your business concept. Take the challenge and see if you are ready to be an entrepreneur. 
Week 2: Business Plan
OK, so you have a business concept – now you need to create a business plan. Learn how to write an effective business plan and determine your mission, vision and values. We will use an online business plan template to get started.
Week 3: Small Business Legalese
In this workshop, we will explore the many legal aspects of owning a business. Topics include naming your business, licenses, registration, patents, copyrights, trademarks and government regulations. Our goal is to help you determine the appropriate legal structure for your business.
Week 4: Know Your Customer
Is there a demand for your business? What is your target audience? We will explore market segmentation and develop a marketing plan that distinguishes your brand. We will also explore how you can use social media to market your business strategically.
Week 5: Where’s the Money?
You have a great business concept; now it’s time to find the financial support you need to get started. Do you need a conventional loan, a microloan or crowdfunding? Learn what financial information should be a part of your business plan.
Week 6: The Perfect Pitch
Present a dynamite one- to five-minute pitch and attract the “ask” that you want. Develop your value proposition and elevator pitch and learn the four points of a perfect pitch. Receive constructive feedback on content and delivery, including key message, voice tone and body language, differentiators, go-to-market strategy, competition and business model.  The Perfect Pitch is intended for students who have completed weeks 1 through 5 of the ENCORE Entrepreneurs: START A BUSINESS workshop series.

Solon Branch
Thursdays, June 7- July 12  / 6:30 – 8:30 PM



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Cuyahoga County Public Library's Encore Entrepreneurs Series is made possible through the generous support of the
KeyBank Foundation and the Cleveland Foundation.  
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