Summer Reading Activities

Some suggestions for completing Summer Reading activities requirements.   Kids  |  Teens  |  Adults

Math Activities

Complete any activity that works with math concepts at your child's level.

Sorting, counting, and addition/subtraction worksheets are all good activities.
Below are additional resources:

For Kids: for Libraries
This award-winning educational website provides learning activities for children ages 2+up, featuring a variety of interactive math games, puzzles, and other activities. Best of all, kids love it! In-library access only. 

Bedtime Math

This site has a problem a day that kids K-5th can tackle.  They are partnering with the Collaborative Library Summer Program this year.
Coolmath Games
Coolmath offers an online amusement park of math games for all ages. 
This online resource is specially designed for what kids like and how they learn. Free math games and activities for kids ages 12 and under.
Gymnasium for the Brain
This online “gym” is dedicated to wellness of the mind. It features a variety of math puzzles and activities for all ages. Membership is free.
Hooda Math
Created by a middle school math teacher, this online resource features more than 700 free math games for students in grades K-12. 
Explore the math behind real-world topics, from sports to shopping to the odds of finding life on other planets. Free math activities for middle school and high school students.
Math Fact Café
Create your own custom math worksheets for student in grades K-5.
Math Game Time
This colorful website features math games, videos, and worksheets for preschool to 7th graders to explore.
Math Is Fun
Who says math is boring? This site proves that math is fun with free puzzles, games, and worksheets for students in grades 1-7.
Math Playground
Give your brain a workout with fun math games and puzzles for students in grades K-8.
Splash Math
Create a free account to access this resource’s interactive math activities for elementary school students.  

For Teens:
College Board’s SAT Question of the Day is appropriate for high school students and some middle school students

Finance in the Classroom
This site has many financial literacy games including finding out the real cost of charging an item, balancing a checkbook, etc.  Presented by the Utah State Office of Education.

The Mint
Activities from the U.S. mint including a how long to become a millionaire calculator.

EdHeads offers interactive online science and math adventures by partnering with educators and industry.  

Math Ideas for Adults:

  • Banking / budgeting / Balancing your checkbook
  • Cooking / baking
  • Calculating tips
  • Home repairs and decorating
  • Measurement (cooking, building, sewing),
  • Sudoku
  • Cards or board games that use math like Monopoly, Scrabble, Yahtze, or Dominoes
  • Shopping / price comparisons
  • Statistics for sports teams