2018bakeBook250x300.pngBake-A-Book Contest 2018

This year's contest has concluded.

Thanks for participating!


Official Rules & Information

Who May Enter
Open to all students in grades 6–12. Students may enter as individuals only.

How to Enter
 Judging was in the Parma-Snow Branch Auditorium, April 14, 2018.


CakeContest2013hungergames170x120.jpgPrizes were awarded based on a combined score of design and connection with the literacy theme/book.

        Kindle Fire 7" Tablet and CCPL t-shirt

        CCPL t-shirt and $15 Barnes & Nobles gift card, courtesy of Grand Finale Bakery

        CCPL t-shirt and $10 Barnes & Nobles gift card, courtesy of Grand Finale Bakery


  • Each “Bake-A-Book” creation must depict a fiction or non-fiction literary work available in your school or public library. Please visit the Cuyahoga County Public Library catalog.  See your school library media specialist for ideas and school library catalog information. If there is a movie based on the book, your depiction must be from the book, not the movie (Ex: In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy wore ruby slippers in the movie and silver slippers in the book.)
  • Each food creation must be at least 95% edible.  In this case, edible means made of food or foodstuffs.  It can be no larger than 15 x 15 inches.  The creation will be without refrigeration and on display for much of the day so it must not be made of extremely perishable ingredients.  A list of ingredients must accompany each creation.
  • Please refrain from using copyrighted material, including edible images.
  • All items must be made by the person entering the contest.  Do not use premade decorative items such as gumpaste flowers, leaves, or molded decorations.  Pre- made candies and sprinkles are allowed.
  • By entering this contest, the creator of the “Bake-A-Book” entry is giving the Cuyahoga County Public Library permission to photograph and publish information on the edible creation and its creator. Additional photography permission forms will need to be signed at the “Bake-A-Book” event.
  • Complete and submit an Opt Out Form (if desired) along with your cake.


All entries were displayed and judged at the Parma-Snow Branch on the date of the contest.

Contestants were judged on four categories:
  •Overall Appearance  • Connection to Literacy  • Creativity in Design •Adherence to Guidelines
Learn more about contest judging categories.


  • Anna Weisand of The Grand Finale bakery will judge entries on Overall Appearance
  • CCPL librarian Maryanne Haller will judge entries based on Connection to Literacy
  • Mary Alice Grassa, Wellness Consultant and Pam Murrin, Bakery Manager at Heinen’s will judge entries on Creativity in Design
  • Our judge for Adherence to Guidelines is Kay Vincent from Mayfield Excel TECC
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