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Our Baby Club video series offers caregivers with children ages birth – 35 months powerful, research-backed tips and practices to build their baby's brain through play. These videos are intended to be viewed in order. 

1. Feed Your Baby Words 

In our first video, Baby Club instructor Ms. Emily shares how the way you talk to your child can make all the difference.

2. Warmth & Verbal Approval 

How you communicate with your baby is just as important as what you communicate. 

3. Accelerate Your Child's Vocabulary 

In this video, Ms. Emily shares gestures and signs that can help accelerate your baby's vocabulary. 

4. Tune in to Your Baby 

Last week we talked about the four pillars of building your baby's brain - talking, singing, reading and playing. This week, we'll explore three best practices that can help caregivers reinforce these pillars at home.

5. Taking Turns

In this video, Ms. Emily explains why taking turns is so important to your baby's brain development.

6. Teachable Moments 

Ms. Emily shares tips for keeping your baby's learning going all through the day. 

7. Banana Banter

Learn how you can use a simple object like a banana to teach your baby about senses and feelings, practice motor skills, and more. 

8. Building New Brain Cells

Ms. Emily explains neurogenesis (a.k.a. building brain cells) and what it means for your baby's brain development. 

9. Learning All Around Town 

Ms. Emily shares tips for turning car rides into opportunities to build your baby's brain. 

10. Explore With All Senses

An outdoor "word walk" is perfect for exploring the five senses and practicing the four pillars of building your baby's brain - talking, singing, reading and playing.  

11. Making Connections 

Learning to understand common symbols is an important part of a baby's development. It's all about making connections between the symbol and what it represents in real life.

12. Baby Wants More!

Ms. Emily shares some tips for using concept words to build your baby's brain. 

13. Keep the Learning Going

Ms. Emily reviews the key concepts and the importance of repetition in this final video in our Baby Club series.