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CER_Website-InLine-Graphics_10.pngGet unbiased ratings and reviews for 9000+ products and services 

Are you in the market for a new car or appliance? Get informed before you buy. Read current and past issues of Consumer Reports – anytime, anywhere. Includes product ratings and reviews, recall and safety information.

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CER_Website-InLine-Graphics_5.pngTrusted business intelligence at your fingertips 

Mergent Intellect is a leading provider of trusted data on global, public and private businesses, including active and inactive companies and their executives. Features include consumer white pages and U.S. census data (in partnership with Nielson).

Pro tip: We recommend visiting the Mergent Intellect Learning Center for free training webinars before beginning your research.

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CER_Website-InLine-Graphics_6.pngReliable, independent investment information, stock and fund reports  

The Morningstar Investment Research Center helps investors make informed decisions. Updated daily, Morningstar Investment provides comprehensive financial information on New York Stock Exchange, American Stock Exchange and NASDAQ stocks, plus thousands of mutual funds and exchange-traded funds. 

Pro tip: We recommend trying Morningstar's portfolio tool to help you determine the right asset mix to meet your goals, whether it's saving for college, retirement or your next big purchase.  

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Reference-Solutions-Inline-Web-Graphic-170x300.pngMarket research for businesses, entrepreneurs, job seekers and more   

Reference Solutions (formerly ReferenceUSA) provides access to accurate, in-depth information on more than 58 million businesses and more than 300 million consumers. Presented in partnership with Indeed, Reference Solutions Jobs and Internships database features more than 2.5 million jobs and comprehensive job tools such as resume writing tips, cover letter examples, interview tips, continuing education materials, searching tips, salary estimates and more.

Pro tip: Visit the Reference Solutions Learning Center for handy how-to videos and training guides. 

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CER_Website-InLine-Graphics_9.pngCompany profiles, financials, stock reports, analysis and more  

Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage is a treasure trove of investment information, industry analysis and stock and bond data. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about budgeting, credit scores, college loans and refinancing.

Pro tip: Check out S&P's NetAdvantage tutorials before you get started. 

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Get in-depth data on 3,500+ stocks

Whether you’re a beginning investor or a veteran looking for high-impact ideas, Value Line can position you for financial success quickly and easily. The uncontested authority in reliable, unbiased information, Value Line puts you in the driver’s seat with accurate and insightful investment research on companies, industries, markets and economies. 

Pro tip: Value Line supports Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Chrome 38 or higher, Firefox 27 or higher, Safari 7 or higher.

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Give these additional FREE business and consumer resources a try: 

Business Source Premier — Read popular business magazines, trade publications and scholarly journals – anytime, anywhere.
Gale Legal Forms — Access and print a variety of legal forms. Also features a directory of attorneys by state and a dictionary of legal definitions.
Plunkett Research Online — Access market research, industry statistics, technologies analysis and more. Create customized reports that can be exported to a PDF.
Small Business Reference Center — This resource provides exclusive access to top small business reference books, business videos, a help and advice section and tools for creating business plans.
Wall Street Journal — Access current-day content in this authoritative source of global and national business reporting.