Cuyahoga cooks: community recipes project 

OCTOBER 12-23, 2020 

Sharing recipes with loved ones, friends and neighbors can bring people together — even when we have to be apart. This October, we're inviting you to share your favorite family recipes with us. We'll feature the best recipes in virtual cooking demos broadcast from Somrak Kitchens in Bedford Heights, so our viewers can follow along as we prepare your grandma's famous hand-made pierogies, mom's perfect paprikash, dad's ulimate barbecue ... you get the idea.  

The best recipes are the ones that have been passed down through the generations — and come with a great back-story. Does your favorite family recipe have a great story? We want to hear all about it. 

what to include in your submission: 

The full recipe details, including all the ingredients, measurements, temperatures, times, etc. that we need recreate your family recipe. Be as specific as possible. We'll also share your recipe right here on this page for anyone who wants to try it. 
Photos. Did your great-great-grandmother jot her legendary kitchen-sink cookies recipe on the back of a napkin? Cool. Send us a picture of it. In fact, send us her picture too. She's a very very important part of your recipe's story. 
The story behind the dish. This one is important. Why? Because if your submission is selected we'll interview you via Zoom and give you the chance to tell everyone why your family recipe is one-of-a-kind. 

Please click the SHARE YOUR RECIPE button below to email your recipe and story to us, along with any attachments you want to include (e.g. photos, scanned handwritten recipes). Submissions will be accepted from October 12-23, 2020



P.S. Please don’t send us recipes exactly as they appear in printed recipe books. They may have copyright restrictions.