Drugs: Costs and Consequences Interactive Exhibit

drugs: costs & consequences

Opening Eyes to the Damage Drugs Cause 
An Interactive Exhibit

arma-Snow branch
2121 Snow road 

With the growth of the heroin and prescription opioid pill crisis in Ohio, our region must come together to understand the full costs and consequences of drug abuse. Together with the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Drug Enforcement Administration Educational Foundation, Cuyahoga County Public Library is proud to bring the traveling exhibition Drugs: Costs & Consequences to its Parma-Snow Branch. 


About the exhibit Cost-to-the-Brain-and-Body-copy.jpg

The Drugs: Costs & Consequences exhibit is presented by the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Drug Enforcement Administration Educational Foundation. This interactive exhibit is a powerful educational experience that provides an eye-opening look at the devastating costs of drug abuse. 

The exhibit presents a historical overview of the impact of drugs on society, including an in-depth look at drug production and trafficking, an overview of the science of addiction, and the costs of drug abuse on society, the environment, health and communities. More than 22 million students, educators and families have experienced Drugs: Costs & Consequences since it began traveling the nation in 2002. 


Monday — Thursday / 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM  
Friday & Saturday / 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM  
Sunday / Closed  

​Access to the exhibit is free and open to the public. 


Interactive kiosks allow visitors to explore the science behind drug addiction, the global impact of illegal drugs, drug impaired driving and other topics. 

Drugs & the Body Brain-Chemistry.jpg

Explore the impact of drugs on the brain and body, and new discoveries about their short-term and long-term effects. 

An International Problem 

Learn about dangerous drugs coming to the U.S. from around the globe. View a replica South American jungle coca processing lab, a re-created Afghan herion factory and rubble from the September 11, 2001 attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center. 

Drugs & the Environment 

Explore the far-reaching impact of drugs on the environment, from the clear-cutting of rain forests to the dumping of hazardous methamphetamine by-products. 

Breaking the Cycle 

Engage with organizations across Ohio that support the importance of each citizen being part of the effort to break the cycle of drug abuse, drug violence and drug trafficking. Get involved and be part of the solution.

The Ohio Story

Understand the history of drug abuse and trafficking in Ohio, the current drug threats that are present in communities across the state, and what is being done by education, law enforcement and treatment groups.


We are proud to offer a variety of special programs in conjunction with the Drugs: Costs & Consequences exhibit. 

Drugs & Alcohol: Where We Have Been & What We're Currently On

Parma-Snow Branch
Thursday, March 19 / 6:30 — 8:30 PM 

Join us for an informative, entertaining presentation on the history of drugs in the USA, current drug trends, and policy issues facing both the local community and nation. Free and open to the public. Register to reserve your seat. 


Meet Author David Sheff

Parma-Snow Branch 
May 11 / 7:00 PM  Sheff_BeautifulBoy.jpg

In conjunction with the interactive exhibit, Drugs: Costs and Consequences, best-selling author and advocate David Sheff, will visit our Parma-Snow Branch on May 11 to discuss his memoir Beautiful Boy, and his other work researching addiction and treatment.

This event is free and open to the public. Please register to reserve your seat. Books will be available for purchase and signing courtesy of Mac's Backs — Books on Coventry.




Please contact Exhibit Educator Ashley Gristwood at 216.749.9412 or agristwood@cuyahogalibrary.org

Volunteer Opportunities 

The following volunteer positions are available: 
  • Exhibit Docent — guides visitors through the exhibit. 
  • Group Presenter — an expert in their field that is willing to provide group presentations on topics relevant to their field of expertise. Relevant topics include mental health, substance use, abuse, prevention and treatment, and criminal justice.
  • Youth Support Services — volunteers should have a background in mentoring, mental health, substance use, and counseling and would be comfortable meeting with youth experiencing acute distress.

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out our online volunteer application or contact Exhibit Educator Ashley Gristwood at 216.749.9412 or agristwood@cuyahogalibrary.org.



The Drugs: Costs & Consequences exhibit is presented by the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Drug Enforcement Administration Educational Foundation
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