Tell Macmillan Publishers that you demand #EBOOKSFORALL

Last night, Cuyahoga County Public Library’s Board of Trustees passed a resolution denouncing Macmillan’s new eBook policy. We hope you will consider joining with public library customers across the United States to make your voice heard.

Sign the petition today at or text EBOOKS to 40649 and demand that Macmillan treat public libraries as collaborators rather than competitors.



Resolution Calling for Macmillan Publishing to Reverse Library Ebook Embargo

WHEREAS, public libraries hold free and open access to books, information and ideas as a foundational value; and,

WHEREAS, Cuyahoga County Public Library has more than 808,761 cardholders, and, in 2018, recorded 2,133,687 million checkouts of eBooks and eAudiobooks; and,
WHEREAS, on July 25, 2019 Macmillan Publishing (Macmillan) announced it would become the only major publisher to limit eBook lending for U.S. libraries under a new licensing model scheduled to begin November 1, 2019; and,
WHEREAS, Macmillan’s proposed model restricts public libraries – regardless of size or population served – to the purchase of only one single copy of a new title in eBook format upon its publication release, after which the publisher will impose an eight-week embargo on additional copies of that title sold to libraries; and,
WHEREAS, Macmillan’s new model for library eBook lending will make it difficult for libraries to fulfill our central mission of ensuring access to information for all.
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Cuyahoga County Public Library Board of Trustees joins the American Library Association (ALA) in denouncing this measure and calling for Macmillan Publishing to cancel the embargo and restore full access to its complete eBook catalog upon release to the public.
Furthermore, the Cuyahoga County Public Library Board of Trustees affirms the principles that:

  • All published works must be available for libraries to purchase and lend to library customers.
  • Access to and use of eBooks must equitably balance the rights and privileges of readers, authors and publishers.
  • Digital content must be accessible to all people, regardless of physical or reading disabilities.
  • Reading records must remain private in the digital age.

Approved September 24, 2019