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30 April, 2018


by John Panza


At the bar, Agamemnon’s ghost
Warns his flame-haired buddy
That wives live for betrayal.
They mate and wait and kill
All hope, even the prudent ones
Who sit and knit and cast off
Suitors with a wave of slim hands,
Their long fingers ending with
Manicured nails. On this night,
My wife waits at home, knows
Where I am, likely will greet me
On the porch at ten, narrate for me
The baby’s bath-time antics.
Time to cast off from this barstool
Island, let the cool lake breeze
Lead me around the block, my
Journey home just beginning.

“Kouros” by John Panza. © John Panza, 2017. Used by permission of the author.
John Panza believes that the rhythms of poetry synchronize with the rhythms of the drums, and he likes that. Although poetry is something he teaches and writes, his primary creative outlet is as a musician and arts advocate. He plays drums in multiple projects and is president of a local music foundation that gives underground bands grants to support their craft. When not working or playing music, Panza spends time with his family: his wife, Jane, and his daughter, Eva. They live in Cleveland Heights.


Take an old poem of yours – even one from the past 29 days – and rewrite it by using a different form or point of view, or a more arcane or simpler vocabulary.

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