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In Case I Fall in the Lake

14 April, 2021

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In Case I Fall in the Lake

By Dan Dorman

For Doug, his new canoe and the WJH writers
I haven’t been swimming in so long that
Diving into this summer lake
Under the warble of a midday buoy moon
It dizzies me these waters
Muddied with sediment carried by glaciers
Whose crumbling hum humbly recedes
In flows of streams which settle into lakes
Like this one—lakes that ripple the ancient song
If I could say it just as it feels I wouldn’t need poems
I would stand at the lake’s edge or in the wobbling
Twelve-foot canoe and call to my ancestors
To say this is who I am
This is who I am now certain is me
Looking in the water
I fear the long slope
But one thing I’ve come to learn
About where I stand
Is there are those with me
Who will pull me up
If ever I fall into the lake
“In Case I Fall in the Lake” by Dan Dorman. Copyright Dan Dorman 2020. Used by permission of the author.
Dan Dorman teaches creative writing and he circulates books in a nearby library system. His writing can be found at jubilatWord for/Word and Jet Fuel Review. Connect with him on Instagram @dan_dorman_us and

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“Cry-hustling” is the term for pretend grief, strategic sobbing. Write a poem about someone who is cry-hustling.
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