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Speaking Honestly

06 April, 2015: Speaking Honestly


by Gina Tabasso
Speaking Honestly
I speak to horses every day —
sexy ones, loved ones,
large grey ones that rear
trying to throw me,
step on my feet
and bite my fingers, those
who break them. Every day
I read of horses that run
in the lives of other people,
that are poems gnawing on morning,
sleeping on their feet.
I sit on horsehair sofas,
tack glue between my fingers
and know they have given me
I curse them for their wildness,
promise open fields and dew
on their backs. I will not
give them up to rub myself
against other bodies.
I swear I know the language.
I was born before they started
shooting wild horses.
In the silence when it is still cool,
only then can I admit I am in need,
speak honestly.

“Speaking Honestly” by Gina Tabasso from Front Lines. Pudding House Press, 2009. Used with permission of the author.

Gina Tabasso holds her master’s degree in English and works full-time in marketing communications and part-time teaching college English classes. She enjoys reading, writing, book clubs, yoga and meditation, relaxing in her jammies, thrifting, opera and ballet, and spending time with those she loves and at the barn with her horse.


Ten Lines of Poetry

Write a ten-line poem in which five lines contain a truth and five lines contain a lie.
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