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Falcon Song

13 April, 2016: Falcon Song


by Mary O’Malley


Flying fast beyond torn fetters, I soar and stray
Inside anxious clouds, leave a hoarse falconer behind,
And because of me, the world that is us begins to fray

I awake Jerusalem beasts on judgment day
With avian songs from charged patterns and Celtic rhymes
I flew beyond leather strands, I soared and strayed

In ash soaked swirls of wind, rained spirals drown medieval lays,
From Yeats tower he built from beveled glass and sunless noons.
And because of me, our earth breathes dust from cosmic rays.

The floating world swirls into a ball of green, blue, and gray
Shape shifts into an eye, bound within a white retinal moon
While I fly fast beyond the sun, continue to dance, soar, and stray.

A floating eye, an almost god, sees my hidden come what may
Becomes irritated by some winged tipped solar sigh
And because of me, our words survive today.

I flew fast beyond the leather fetters, I soared and strayed
turned my wings, left the falconer behind
And because of me, fractal beasts float, bow, and fly away.

“Falcon Song” by Mary O’Malley. ©2016. Used by permission of the author.

Mary C. O’Malley has worked as a post-graduate degreed social worker and as a writer since 2002. Her writing has been selected for local, state, national and international readings and has been published in Heartlands, Whiskey Island, Box Car Review, Tipton Poetry Journal, Cleveland in Prose and Poetry, Midwest Poetry Review, and many other literary zines and anthologies online and in print. In 2009, Tipton Poetry Journal nominated her for a Pushcart. Her chapbook, Howl for My Family in April, Crisis Chronicle, was published in 2013. She is the mother of two sets of twins and gardens in her spare time.


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